Chantal: her experience with Second Medical Opinion

Chantal: her experience with Second Medical Opinion

Second Medical Opinion

Chantal is an expat living in Rwanda that used the Second Opinion service. She shares her valuable feedback in an interview.

Hello Chantal,
Thank you for accepting this interview. Your testimonial is valuable to us, but also to other customers who have not yet used the Second Opinion Medical service and would like additional information before getting started!

First of all, please tell us a few words about yourself.

My name is Chantal, I had lived in Rwanda for 4,5 years at the time I used the Second Opinion Medical service.

How did you learn about our Second Opinion Medical Service?

After my accident I was searching an option to get a second opinion on my diagnosis and I remembered that I had received an email form Foyer Global Health introducing this new service.

Why did you use this service?

Because I wanted to receive a second opinion on my diagnosis and suggested treatment that my doctor in Rwanda recommended to me.

How did the first contact take place?

I called the number written on the webpage. About one week after the first contact I received an email from a doctor to fix a phone call appointment to tell the details about my case.

Was it necessary to provide additional medical documents?

Yes, I provided all the documents I had, including diagnosis, test results and MRI data.

What was the specialist’s opinion?

The specialist’s opinion was consistent with the diagnose I had received in Rwanda. During the process I had received further results and they suggested me to send these to a second specialist. I agreed and received a report including the recommendations from two different specialists. Especially the second specialist recommended me to go and see another doctor and do follow up tests.

Did receiving an additional opinion from another specialist comfort you about the choice of your medical treatment?

Yes it did, especially I appreciated to receive a full medical report. This gave me the chance to read and reread the details for a better understanding of my case. In this way I was well prepared when I went to meet another specialist face-to-face for the follow-up tests. Also this doctor appreciated the report.

What did you think of the experience? Did it help you? Especially in times of health crisis where it is sometimes difficult to find a medical appointment.

For me the service really helped me, not necessarily because it was difficult to get a medical appointment, but more for receiving an in deep understanding of my case. Also I appreciated much that I could ask follow up questions during the process as well as after receiving the report.

Would you recommend it to our clients and why?

I would definitely recommend this service to other clients. It is a very comfortable way to receive more information about your diagnosis. It gives you the opportunity to receive feedback from a specialist who is not in your country of residence. Without this service it would be complicated to get in touch with this kind of specialists.

How do you think this service could be a real added value for expats’ health?

I believe that it is real added value, especially when you are living in a country with limited medical services, where it is complicated to receive a feedback from a specialist. It would require you to travel to another country, however this might not be easy depending on the health conditions. With this service you receive a first impression what exactly is your diagnosis and depending on their recommendations you can plan if it might be better to travel to a country with a higher medical standard.

Do you plan to reuse this service in the future?

Definitely yes, in case I get a serious case again. Even for my case now some follow up examinations are still pending and they offered me to directly contact them again for having a look on the new results.

In a nutshell, how would you summarize this service?

This service gives you the opportunity to receive a feedback from a specialist without the need to travel and see him. Through the call with a general doctor at the beginning it still feels personal. The report that you receive in the end give you the chance to understand well your case.

Thank you again for answering our questions and using this Second Opinion service! We invite you to use it whenever you need it. We are sure that your feedback will encourage new clients to contact a specialist for their next treatment 🙂

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