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We explain international health insurance in simple terms so that your health insurance policy is no longer a secret to you!

corona auslandskrankenversicherung
COVID-19 20 June 2022
Covid-19: why should expats opt for IPMI

Going abroad is not as easy as it used to be. The current pandemic has made international travel more complex. The specific costs associated with the treatment of Covid-19 can be quite significant. The most serious cases even require hospitalization in intensive care. International health insurance is therefore key when planning an expatriation, and even…

international health insurance employee relocation
Insurance 4 April 2022
Expat Health Insurance and Relocation: Interview with François Jacquemin

We are happy to share the original interview from François Jacquemin, Managing Director of Foyer Global Health, for the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal. Could you introduce your company to our readers? Foyer Global Health is the leading international health insurance and service provider for digital nomads, expats, and globally mobile people. We are…

high net worth individuals health insurance
Insurance 15 February 2022
Health insurance and High-Net-Worth Individuals

In 2020, the number of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) worldwide increased by 6.3% compared to the previous year, surpassing a 20-million landmark[1]. Nearly doubling in ten years, this demographic represents an important target for both wealth managers and health insurance organisations. So, who are these (ultra-)wealthy individuals? What is their profile and what do they need…

health insurance maternity coverage
Insurance 24 January 2022
Our Guide to Giving Birth as an Expatriate

When choosing a new life abroad, many expat women are also thinking about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood! The fact is that, as an expatriate, having a child abroad is far from being a matter of improvisation. Many soon-to-be expat mothers are asking themselves: Why is it important to understand what international maternity insurance entails well…

european health insurance card
Insurance 21 December 2021
European Health Insurance Card VS Expatriate Health Insurance: what are the differences in Europe

Our mission at Foyer Global Health is to provide you with health coverage abroad for your life plans, no matter which country you travel to. If you are specifically looking for health coverage in Europe, you will notice that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) also gives you access to health care in European territory….

Insurance 2 November 2021
Moratorium clause: what is it exactly about?

  Private health insurance is meant to cover people against unexpected and new medical conditions. Regarding pre-existing conditions (illness or condition that already existed prior the enrolment to a health insurance policy), they can have a different impact on your coverage depending on your medical insurance policy, and how your insurer assesses the risks related…

digital health services
Health 27 October 2021
Foyer Global Health allows you to talk to a doctor: any time, any place

Foyer Global Health has launched an exclusive and innovative online Health Portal for their customers. This new tool allows you to easily request various health-related services completely free of charge. To benefit from them you only have to access our new health portal (also available for smartphones and tablets). The online portal gives you 7…

expat health insurance france
Insurance 6 July 2021
Everything you need to know about health insurance for foreigners coming to France

  Are you French and living abroad or are you a foreigner and want to know if health insurance is compulsory in France? This is an important question that many people ask themselves. In reality, the answer is “yes” and “no”, it depends on several criteria. We explain everything in our dedicated article!   Source:…

health insurance provider network
Insurance 21 June 2021
International health insurance and provider network

  If you are new to the world of health insurance, you will have heard of the term ‘care network‘ or ‘provider network’. This has been popularised by complementary health insurance but has also been developed for many international health insurance for expatriates. You are probably wondering how things work for Foyer Global Health’s clients….

remboursement covid assurance maladie france
Health 15 June 2021
Health insurance in France: reimbursement of your health costs for Covid-19

In France, as elsewhere in the world, the Covid-19 epidemic has affected a significant proportion of the population. The costs of treatment linked to the virus can be substantial, especially in the event of hospitalisation in the event of a serious form. But then, how can you be reimbursed in case of contamination? What do…