second medical opinion

Access to the best medical minds
to better understand your health condition

Make sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment.

Access to high-quality healthcare and global experts who will review your diagnosis and ensure that you have received the most appropriate recommendations and advice for your treatment. Second Medical Opinion reassures those who are unsure about their medical conditions. World-leading medical experts are here to help them take the most appropriate steps and accompany them for every important decision.

Second Medical Opinion provides the expert guidance you need.

In what cases can I ask for second medical opinion? I have been diagnosed with a medical condition and a treatment plan, however I am unsure about the conclusion and what to do next. I would like to have an opinion of other specialists who can help me make the right decisions. How do I request a Second Medical Opinion?

You request the service through the portal

Doctor supports and connects with you throughout the case

The team supports you in collecting your medical records, including available radiology, pathology, lab, etc.

A doctor reviews all your medical information, scans, testing.

The team hand-picks a specialist who is the most knowledgeable in the field

The expert sends an in-depth report answering your questions and advices on the diagnosis/ treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions about Second Medical Opinion

We answer the most frequently asked questions about telemedicine, our partner Teladoc Health and Second Medical Opinion.

  • What is Telehealth?

    When we talk about Telehealth, we refer to the connection between a doctor/healthcare professional and a patient that does not take place face-to-face, but through the use of devices related to new information and communication technologies, such as a computer or a mobile device.

    Telehealth saves a lot of time and travel in most cases and the participant can request a consultation anywhere and anyplace in the world. This simplifies access to medical care better and easier.

    Using the e-care portal as a Foyer Global Health client is free of charge.

  • How can I register on the portal?

    You can register by creating your account through the following link:

    The information you need to provide is the following:

    • Your policy number (often starting with 610 or by the letter A followed by numbers)
    • Name (as written on your policy)
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Country of residence
    • Preferred language

    To accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy please scroll down and click on accept. Once you have registered your details you will receive an email to make sure you registered your correct email address. You need to click on the button in the email to confirm your email address, if you do not see the email, please check your spam folder. It normally takes minutes for the email to arrive but depending on the firewall of your email it can take up to half an hour. If within half an hour the email did not arrive, please contact the Teladoc Health team by emailing: 

    Once you have finished the registration process you can immediately request one of the following services: Second Medical Opinion or Teleconsultation.

  • Which languages are the services and the portal available?

    Services are available in English, French, and German.

  • Do I have to pay for the services on the portal?

    The cost of the service is covered by Foyer Global Health and is free of charge for eligible members. This means you will save yourself the hassle of making a claim when using the services of Teladoc Health.

  • How is my privacy maintained?

    Our member’s privacy is our top priority and is ensured every step of the way. We comply with the legislation surrounding EU´s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

  • Who is Teladoc Health?

    Teladoc Health is the global leader in virtual healthcare, able to support people worldwide, 365 days a year and 24/7. Teladoc Health is transforming healthcare and empowering people to live healthier lives.

    The knowledge and experience of Teladoc Health goes back more than 20 years. During these 20 years, Teladoc Health has grown with the continuously increasing needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

    Foyer Global Health has a partnership in place with Best Doctors/Teladoc Health since 2016.

  • Is Best Doctors the same as Teladoc Health?

    You may have seen both the names of Best Doctors as Teladoc Health. Since 2017 Best Doctors is part of Teladoc Health, one of the world leading companies on virtual care.

  • When should I use the Second Medical Opinion Service?

    Whenever in doubt and/or have concerns and questions about your diagnosis, need help deciding on a treatment option, or questioning the need for surgery. World-renowned experts will provide a detailed report containing your medical background and recommendations to support further health decision making. You do not need to leave your house for the service. Teladoc Health will give you a written in-depth advice, However, they will not take over your treatment.

  • What medical conditions can the Second Medical Opinion Service be used for?

    The service can be used for any critical illness or complex case causing concern, such as: cancer and tumors, organ transplant, major trauma, severe burns, stroke, autoimmune diseases (e.g., multiple sclerosis), congenital anomalies/deformities, heart disease, paralysis, rare conditions, but also more mild diagnoses as slipped vertebral discs, digestive and stomach issues, migraine, orthopedic complaint like knee/shoulder/ankle and much more.

    Also, when you have visited specialists and there is no clear diagnosis, yet you can ask Teladoc Health to take a look at your situation and medical notes and testing.

  • How can I enroll in this service?

    You can request the service once you are registered on the portal or by emailing On the portal you can read more about the service and request it directly. You explain in short, your situation and upload medical information that might be useful for your case.  

  • What happens once I have submitted a request for the service?

    Once we receive your request, a Physician Case Manager (Medical Doctor) will be assigned to your case and will then contact you by phone to explain the service, take your medical history and help you gather all the necessary medical documentation. Your case will then be sent to an international renowned expert for review and will provide a final report.

  • When will I receive the results of my consultation through the Second Medical Opinion service?

    Once all documents have been collected by your Physician Case Manager, he/she will write a clinical summary which will go to the selected Expert together with any diagnostic results such as x-rays, MRI/CT scans, EMG´s, etc. Once the final report has been received this will be translated to your preferred language and shared with you over the phone. You will receive digitally the final report with recommendations for your case from a world-renowned expert.

  • Will the details of the consultation be shared with my treating doctor?

    It is up to you to decide on sharing the report received through our service with your treating doctor. However, we encourage you to share and discuss the final report with your treating doctor/team who is responsible for your care.

  • How should I proceed if Teladoc´s doctors recommend a different treatment to the one already proposed by my treating doctor?

    You should discuss the recommended treatment with your treating doctor. Any decision regarding your treatment shall be yours and should be supervised and managed by the doctors that are overseeing your care.

  • If I have any queries or concerns, who should I contact during the Second Medical Opinion process?

    Your Physician Case Manager remains at your disposal for any additional information regarding the Second Medical Opinion service and throughout the process.