second medical opinion

Access to the best medical minds
to better understand your health condition

Make sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment.

Access to high-quality healthcare and global experts who will review your diagnosis and ensure that you have received the most appropriate recommendations and advice for your treatment. Second Medical Opinion reassures those who are unsure about their medical conditions. World-leading medical experts are here to help them take the most appropriate steps and accompany them for every important decision.

Second Medical Opinion provides the expert guidance you need.

In what cases can I ask for second medical opinion? I have been diagnosed with a medical condition and a treatment plan, however I am unsure about the conclusion and what to do next. I would like to have an opinion of other specialists who can help me make the right decisions. How do I request a Second Medical Opinion?

You request the service through the portal

Doctor supports and connects with you throughout the case

The team supports you in collecting your medical records, including available radiology, pathology, lab, etc.

A doctor reviews all your medical information, scans, testing.

The team hand-picks a specialist who is the most knowledgeable in the field

The expert sends an in-depth report answering your questions and advices on the diagnosis/ treatment

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