telemedicine abroad

Online medical consultations
from the comfort of your home

Get an appointment
wherever you are
in the world.

Get advice from a doctor 24/7/365 for your health concerns, through a planned video call or a call back.

The service is available on your health portal in our three main languages (English, German and French) without any limit of consultations and location.

Teleconsultation allows you to have a full diagnosis of your health condition from home and avoids you to pay expensive visits to the specialist in 57% of the cases (October 2021 reporting).

is easy to use,

convenient and time saving

In what cases can I ask for teleconsultation? I have non-urgent health-related questions and I would like to be contacted quickly by a doctor to advise me on treatment.
How does teleconsultation work?

schedule teleconsultation

The member requests a consultation and if desired uploads any relevant medical information.

request teleconsultation

The doctor contacts  the member by phone or through video call

call doctor teleconsultation

The doctor talks to  the member and if necessary provides advise on treatment

With telemedicine, you can get the right diagnosis more easily than ever before, without the wait.

You get to speak with a doctor in complete confidentiality, and for as long as you deem necessary. If you wish to have more information about telemedicine consultation, then we kindly invite you to read our article about telemedecine in our blog or contact us directly.