All you should know about telemedicine

All you should know about telemedicine

21 April 2020 Health


Telemedicine has become a bit of a buzzword with the Covid-19 outbreak. But it is true that, among the greatest health related innovations of the digital era, telemedicine consultation is undoubtedly one of the most successful. Although it has been available for a few years, the market is now finally mature enough, and no one can question the need for it any longer.

Thanks to telecommunications technology and electronic communications, healthcare specialists and professionals can now provide diagnosis and treatments to patients, at a distance. Telemedicine is frequently used to follow patients with chronic diseases or daily medication. It is also often used by surgeons to follow up on their patients after an operation for example. It is designed for general and non-urgent situations; as for more complex conditions, or need of specific prescription, a visit to a specialist is highly recommended.

Among the conditions a doctor can treat via telemedicine, the most common ones are flu, cold, diarrhoea, allergies, sore throats or inflammations. The range of services delivered via telemedicine gets brodder every day as more and more people are using the digital route. This explains its ever growing success, and the willingness of healthcare providers to quickly equip themselves with this technology.


What are the main benefits of telemedicine?       

Convenience: It was originally designed for treating people living in remote areas where access to medical facilities is limited, or difficult. Today, telemedicine is not only beneficial for patients, but also amazingly convenient for healthcare providers who no longer need to travel long distances to make a diagnosis. The interface is also very useful for people with disabilities or motor difficulties.

Flexibility and time-saving: Patients can easily make an appointment that best fits their agenda. It saves time from going to an emergency department, or physician’s office, where waiting time can sometimes be very long.

Avoid hospital overcrowding: Telemedicine helps decrease hospital admissions and avoid overcrowding emergency rooms (ER) with minor complaints, when more urgent cases are awaiting. Meanwhile, it also prevents cross-contamination and keeps people away from contagious diseases in the waiting room.

Online: Telemedicine is very easy to use, as getting an appointment can be made directly online or with just with a phone call. As long as you can connect to a network, you are able to book an appointment and have a consultation!


Foyer Global Health’s telemedicine service

In times of Covid-19, telemedicine has become a necessity and Foyer Global Health is happy to inform you about the launch of Telehealth. This service is available to all our clients and their family members. They are entitled to free and unlimited telemedicine consultations, 24/7. Foyer Global Health has partnered with Teladoc Health, the global virtual care leader, who serves millions of people across 175 countries and in 40 languages, and which Best Doctors is now part of.

The aim of this service is to give clients the ability to request a consultation with a General Practitioner, at any time and from anywhere in the World. You get a quick expert answer to medical issues and questions, in full confidentiality and without having to leave the comfort of your home.  It has absolutely no impact on deductibles or limits and, since there is no associated cost, there is no need to claim a reimbursement. Our clients are eligible to as many appointments as they deem necessary and can speak with a doctor without any time limitation.

The telehealth service enables you to discuss all non-emergency related health issues directly with a licenced doctor, no matter what day and time it is, or where you are located. Here are some of the topics which are perfectly adapted to this service:

  • Medical questions or concerns about Covid-19
  • A child has chicken pox and you would like to get advice on how you could make him/her more comfortable
  • You have a stomach-ache and don’t know what to do
  • You have headache and would like some advice on what to do
  • You have just received blood test results and there is a value that worries you

The telemedicine service gives you peace of mind whenever you need medical support. Our doctors are available and take all the necessary time to provide you with personalised advice.


How can I access the service? 

In order to keep things simple and efficient we have decided to set up a dedicated telephone number for each of these languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French

Once the medical team receives your request, you will get a call back from a doctor, on the day and time that was agreed. You will then be able to ask all your medical and health related questions. You should not hesitate to contact our specialists as telemedicine is provided to all Foyer Global Health clients, and their family members, at no additional cost, no matter how many consultation are needed, or how long they last.

Doctors will always take the necessary time to fully understand the medical case, with the all the attention which is required. Should a question be too complex for the doctor on the phone to answer, they will then start the process for an Expert Second Opinion with Best Doctors. All of our clients are also eligible to this service, at no extra cost.

If this article stimulated your curiosity about Telemedicine consultations, and you now wish to have more information about it, then we kindly invite you to the dedicated services page on our website.


Quote from an insured:

As an expat, I´m delighted with the service and the level of knowledge from the doctor. It really helps to be able to discuss your medical issues quickly and comprehensively, in full confidentiality.”

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