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We explain the most frequently asked health related questions from expats and give precious advice when you live abroad.

best healthcare systems
Health 18 April 2024
The best healthcare systems in the world

The quality, accessibility and cost of health services are at the heart of expatriates’ concerns when they consider moving abroad. Based on various health systems’ rankings as well as key performance indicators, Foyer Global Health provides you with useful data and an overview of the five best healthcare systems in the world. Rankings of world’s…

best diets in the world
Health 3 April 2024
The best diets in the world

Living abroad often makes people long for the food back home every now and then. Sometimes as much as a hint of a smell can bring you back home or make you belly rumble. It´s not only the food, but also the social aspect that are deeply rooted in our cultures and vary significantly amongst…

healthy sleep habits
Health 15 March 2024
Healthy Sleep habits

Nothing is better than a full night of sleep. This is one of the few things in life not dependent on where you live in the world – it’s a a basic need for all of us. Sleep is a biological process that supports many of the vital functions of our body and mind. It…

wellbeing health
Health 28 February 2024
Well-being: Being healthy through the mind, body and soul

Around the world – wherever we are – we are increasingly aware of personal wellbeing and relative holistic approaches. Today we are asking, what exactly does it mean, and does it mean the same in all corners of the world? Read on to find out more, and consider actions you can take to improve your…

pregnancy expat in asia
Health 5 February 2024
Experiencing Pregnancy in South Asia as an Expat

For many expat couples, the adventure of expatriation often aligns with a new journey into parenthood. For individuals enchanted by South Asia and planning to start a family in this region, the subject of pregnancy brings up many important queries. What are the health risks? Why should you avoid the Zika virus? How can you…

technology and health
Health 8 December 2023
Technology and Health

We spend the day between screens. We chat, videocall, browse, play, and even pay with our mobile phones, work on the computer, if we walk or use public transport, we put on our headphones to listen to music, podcasts or watch movies during the journey, we shop online…We’re always on the lookout for some electronic…

Health 16 November 2023
5 must-have nutrients for men’s health

Food is something that connects all of us independent of where you are located. In some cultures, food is seen as the catalyst for friends and families to unite, whilst in other cultures it is simply seen as a means to an end. The base of a healthy and balanced diet should be the same…

anxiety stress
Health 24 October 2023
Stress or anxiety? How to differentiate them and what can be done

Being abroad has a direct impact on your mental state. For most expats this can fluctuate from time to time – one moment you´re confident and you feel fully at ease and happy with the life you are experiencing, and at another moment you might miss home, your friends, and family or just that typical…

world heart day
Health 29 September 2023
World Heart Day: how are men and women impacted differently?

On the Friday the 29th of September it is World Heart Day, a global event where awareness of cardiovascular disease is raised. A heavy topic and maybe not top of your list whilst you are enjoying expat life. However, we feel it is important to help raise the awareness and also to highlight the differences…

expat first aid kit
Health 21 August 2023
Expat’s first aid kit: Essential first aid kit for children and adults

As an expat, holidays may now be quite different to what you were used to. Now, your annual leave may often consist of going back home and visiting friends and family. Enjoying things that you forgot you missed so much when you were outside of your hometown. absorbing the change of scenery and maybe soaking…