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Supplementary health insurance for European officials

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A worldwide coverage guarantee for EU officials

While most supplementary insurance for EU officials offer coverage within the European Economic Area (EEA) – Foyer Global Health and its European Health plan guarantee you worldwide coverage with a comprehensive assistance package.

Our proposition: The perfect solution of supplemental coverage to the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) of European Institutions, with additional benefits for you and your family!

What is JSIS?


The Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) is a programme provided by private insurance companies exclusively for employees of the European institutions and their family members. It covers medical, dental, hospital and certain other health-related expenses. This insurance provides additional cover to what is already offered by the JSIS.

It provides additional coverage with benefits such as:

  • Higher reimbursement rates
  • Medical treatments not covered by the JSIS
  • Vision and hearing cover
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Coverage for certain pre-existing medical conditions

It is important to note that the cost of the cover scheme is not covered by the European institutions, it is up to the employees to pay for it.

What we propose in short

Travel in Security

We cover you wherever and whenever you need thanks to this supplementary coverage to the JSIS, with no limitation of treatment outside of EEA.

Attractive Prices

We cover you for what you really need, for the best value for money, without any hidden co-payments or overpayments.

Always by your side

Our dedicated team is always here to help and advise you at any time so you don’t have to worry about where your adventures might take you! Personalised Plan: We provide health insurance that matches your expectations and needs. No less, no more.

Why purchase EU Health ?

Simply because EU Health makes EU officials’ lives easier and safer. Our supplemental cover to the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of European Institutions (JSIS) offers you a high level of protection and comfort, thanks to its worldwide and lifelong cover. Enjoy your coverage immediately, without any general waiting periods. While the JSIS reimburses your medical expenses at a rate of around 80%, we ensure that you are reimbursed for a minimum of 20% of the cost.

In addition to the top-up coverage, EU Health gives you access to a comprehensive range of medical assistance and additional services, for the extra protection you and your family deserve.

A global player for expat health insurance

Foyer Global Health is the leading international health insurance and service provider for globally mobile people, expats and digital nomads. We are backed by Luxembourg’s #1 insurer, Foyer Group. Our health plans are tailored to the needs of individuals and groups around the world. We provide first-class coverage with comprehensive medical assistance and value-added health care services.

The sky is the limit

None of our international health plans have an overall limit of coverage – yes, you read it right! You have our support even for the highest medical bills.

Freedom of choice

With Foyer Global Health, you can visit private doctors or hospitals of your choice, without being limited by a network of providers.

Pandemic coverage

Unlimited teleconsultation in three languages and the coverage of all viral and pandemic diseases (current and future ones).

Medical evacuation

Included in all our plans, as well as comprehensive medical assistance.

Tailored for you

Each person is unique: Every member of the policy can choose from our three levels of coverages, depending on their specific needs.