European health insurance for Expats around the world

European health insurance for Expats around the world

Discover our health policies specifically designed for expats

Foyer Global Health’s expat health insurance protects your health 24/7 wherever you are – in Europe and around the world. It provides access to european and international medical services, and is fully designed to suit the needs of expats and globally mobile people.

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We are experts in global health coverage in Europe and elsewhere in the world

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Healthcare system in Europe

Almost all European countries have their own public healthcare system. They are insuring that all the individuals can have access to hospitals, family doctors, as well as medicines and health services easily and at an affordable price. For any serious illness and in case of emergency, you can call 112 which the European Union’s universal emergency number. For minor issues, pharmacies are opened in most citites, sometimes 24-hour.

Even though standards in Europe are usually quite high, the private sector is booming since people are looking shorter waiting times, better facilities and wider choice of physicians. If you expatriate in Europe for a long period of time, local insurance is generally not sufficient to offer you a comprehensive health cover. That is why you should consider other options such as european health insurance or expat health insurance.

Who is European health insurance suitable for?

  • For all expats, digital nomads, globally mobile citizens living and working outside of their home country for a long-term period
  • For all people who stays in Europe and abroad for a year or more
  • For all active people, students, families, EU officials, entrepreneurs, self-employed people who need a complete peace of mind during their stay abroad

What are the benefits of an European health insurance?

  • Easy and quick claims procedure via the online client portal
  • Reimbursement of all expenses (hospitalization, treatment…) related to Covid-19, without any limit
  • Medical assistance benefits such as evacuation and repatriation, in case of illness or emergency
  • Transparent communication and clear information
  • Teleconsultation available 24/7 without any additional cost
  • Second medical opinion from the best specialists worldwide

Foyer Global Health offers different levels of coverage so you can choose the plan that suits the best your particular needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what is covered with our plans in Europe and abroad:

Inpatient treatment

Accommodation in a private or semi-private room, consultations, hospital charges, surgery and anesthetics, drugs and dressings, physiotherapy (including massages), cancer treatment, maternity care, newborn care, inpatient psychotherapy.

Outpatient treatment

Consultations, chemotherapy, oncological drugs and treatment, acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, health checks, midwife services, psychotherapy, vaccinations, eye test and vision aids.

Dental treatment

Check-ups, X-rays, surgery and extractions, prostheses, bridges and crowns, implants.

What is the cost and duration of a Foyer Global Health Insurance Plan?

An European insurance plan with Foyer Global Health is effective for at least one year. In most instances, the contract ends once the people have returned to their country of origin. You can choose at which frequency you want to pay the insurance premium (monthly, quarterly, annually) and the method of payment you prefer. This latter will vary depending on the age, the coverage area, the level of coverage, the deductible…

Why Foyer Global Health?

Foyer Global Health is the health insurance company 100% specialized on expat. It is part of the Foyer Group, based in Luxembourg, one of the most exciting cities in Europe for expats with almost half of the population made up foreigners. We are true experts in expat health insurance for expats, with customers from all over the world. Our health plans are the result of decades of experience with european and foreign customers.

Whenever you are you will benefit from our comprehensive medical assistance and services.

You can have access to all health providers around the world and in case of emergency, you can be provided with a list of local medical care with multilingual specialists. Our second medical opinion and teleconsultation services are completely free. Guarantee of payment (GOP) and advance payment are available.

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