International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Switzerland

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Switzerland

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Switzerland, according to expatriates, is an ideal living environment, high standard infrastructures, charming landscapes and an average salary that makes you dream! The political and economic stability of the country is also a real asset for the country to give confidence to expatriates who wish to settle there.

However, it lacks certain aspects, including the high cost of living, but also the price of health insurance. If you are looking to move to Switzerland, you may be wondering what your choices and obligations are in terms of expatriate health insurance, what the prices will be or how public health insurance works in Switzerland. To help you make sense of it, here is the useful information you will need to understand your options.

What are the different health insurance options in Switzerland?

Mandatory swiss health insurance KVG/LAMal

The swiss health care system is known for its high quality of service, but it differs from most other European health care systems for several reasons. Here is what you need to remember:

It is mandatory

All residents (even foreign workers) and holders of a work permit of more than 3 months in Switzerland are obliged to be affiliated to LAMal (the basic health insurance) and to choose a health insurance company regardless of the canton of residence. There is a three-month deadline for choosing a health insurance company, after which the canton will assign you an insurer.

In certain special cases, LAMal may be optional: this is the case for foreign residents who already have foreign health insurance, such as students or cross-border commuters. People living in a country bordering Switzerland who are already covered in their country of residence have the right of option and are therefore exempt from KVG/LAMal.


The basic benefits that are covered are:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Hospitalization in a shared room
  • Consultations and prescription drugs
  • Maternity expenses

The following are not covered, except in special cases:

  • Dental expenses
  • Optical care
  • Alternative and complementary medicine

Another important point: each member of the same family must be insured individually, as must the children.

Price and excess

It is important to know that the benefits reimbursed, and the coverage remain the same for the different insurers, because it is defined by the LAMal. On the other hand, the costs vary from one insurer to another and it is up to you to make your own comparison and find the cheapest solution.

The insurance premium for basic health insurance varies according to your age, canton of residence and annual excess. You can calculate your premium using the Federal Office’s calculator (DE/IT/FR).

For KVG/LAMal, there are several fixed deductible amounts (regardless of your insurer) ranging from CHF 300 to CHF 2,500 (in increments of CHF 500) and CHF 700 for all children insured by the same health insurance company.

To understand how a deductible works in health insurance, we invite you to read our article on our blog.


Other elements can influence the cost of your insurance, such as the third-party payment service and the co-payment. The co-payment covers medical consultations, medicines and hospitalisation costs and amounts to 10% for the insured person. The remaining 90% is paid by the health insurance company.

Swiss expat health insurance and supplementary insurance in Switzerland

These insurances are held by private insurance companies. Unlike the LAMal, which cannot refuse an application, private insurance companies study your medical file and can choose to accept you or not.

For expatriates, taking out an expatriate health insurance policy (also known as international health insurance) is very advantageous if you wish to have the peace of mind of complete coverage in Switzerland and abroad. The price depends on your age, medical conditions, destination and level of cover.

Our expatriate health insurance Foyer Global Health allows you to be covered from the first euro anywhere in the world, in Switzerland and even in your home country.  From the subscription to the management of your claims, everything is monitored online for simpler procedures adapted to your life as an expatriate.

Finally, you can also choose a supplementary health insurance policy according to your own needs. For example, supplementary ambulatory insurance allows you to be covered for non-reimbursed drugs, therapies and alternative medicines. Supplementary hospital insurance covers inpatient treatment (hospital stays).

What if I am a cross-border commuter in Switzerland?

We mentioned earlier the right of option for cross-border commuters in Switzerland, whether they are German, Italian, French or Austrian: these workers must choose their health insurance system between the Swiss health insurance or that of their country of residence. In the case of Liechtenstein, they are obliged to keep their insurance from that country.

For French-Swiss cross-border commuters, Foyer Global Health offers first-rate and competitive supplementary health insurance coverage to LAMal or CMU. Completely adapted to the needs of French border workers, you entrust your health to an insurer who is an expert in the Swiss market.

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