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Teladoc Health: Providing virtual care for people everywhere

Since 2016, Foyer Global Health has partnered with Teladoc Health to offer the best medical service and support to its clients at any time, wherever they live in the world and from the comfort of their home.

About the company

Teladoc Health was founded on a simple, yet revolutionary idea: Everyone should have access to the best healthcare, anywhere in the world on their terms.  Today, they’re delivering on their mission by providing whole-person virtual care that includes primary care, chronic condition management, expert care and more. Teladoc Health is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for virtual care. As a global leader in virtual care, they are a publicly trading company and hold themselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

teladoc health services
  • Teladoc Health has more than 5,000 employees worldwide. Their head office is located in New York and they have offices on all continents.
  • They serve millions of people worldwide and provide services in more than 450 medical subspecialties for more than 130 countries, in 30 languages. This unparalleled scale allows them to serve more people than any other virtual healthcare provider.  
  • Teladoc Health publicly trades on NYSE.

Teladoc Health gives people worldwide access to high-quality care when they need it most, wherever they are. You can visit their global website here.

Our partnership to provide you the best member experience

Foyer Global Health has been taking good care of your health with Teladoc Health since 2016, by giving you 24/7 free access to value-added medical services.
Through the increase of automation and new technologies, we continuously find smarter ways to provide virtual healthcare to our insured.

In April 2020, as a result of successful joint collaboration, we introduced a new telemedicine portal to enhance customer experience by offering easy access to Teleconsultation and Second Medical Opinion.

telemedicine portal

The portal offers many advantages:

Less administrative burden by saving you from making a claim.
Quick answers on general medical questions from the comfort of your own home.
No waiting time and unlimited access, for you and your family.
Choose between a phone or video call, modify or cancel your appointment in one click.
Get the right advice for your medical treatment and take better health decisions.

The results of the 2022 report shows interesting outcomes of the use of teleconsultation. In almost 60% of cases, patients were given medical recommendations – with or without medical prescription -, allowing them to stay at home and avoid unnecessary visits to the general practitioner.

teleconsultation outcome
Outcome from the doctor for incoming cases of teleconsultation in 2022

My name is Jolanda Vos, I´m an ICU nurse and have been working as an operational account manager at Best Doctors, now part of Teladoc Health, for the last 14 years. During these years I have seen what this service can do for people all around the globe. I know first-hand that when living abroad you want to speak in your own language about your medical issues in a moment of need. Having direct access to reliable doctors 24/7/365 gives the much-needed reassurance and guidance. Also, when dealing with a more chronic or serious illness, giving you and your loved ones access to International Experts, supported by a doctor from the comfort of your own home, is essential for you to make good decisions about your health. A comforting and indispensable service offered to you by Foyer Global Health.

jolanda vos teladoc health

Jolanda VOS
Account Manager of Teladoc Health