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Corporate 10 April 2023
How to manage the burn-out of an expat employee?

90% of expatriates indicate that they are overall stressed, compared to 77% of people living in their home country. This is the result of a study conducted in 2022. According to these same expats, burn-out is the main cause of stress (98%). As a manager, it is essential to be concerned about the well-being of…

expatriation shanghai changes 2022
Corporate 13 March 2023
International Health Insurance for expat employees: how to choose?

Choosing an international health insurance for your expat employees Your company is setting up abroad, you are sending one of your employees to a new country, but are you really prepared? Workplace accidents, burn-out, or absenteeism, the choice of an international health insurance for expatriate employees can have important consequences on your accounts and your…

seconded employee
Corporate 18 November 2022
Expatriation and secondment of employees, what are the differences for the employer?

Do you, as an employer, want to send one of your employees on an assignment abroad? Two options are available to you: secondment and expatriation of your resources. Although often confused, these statuses do not mean the same thing… What are the differences between expatriate and seconded employees? The status of expatriate employee: definition The…

expat women
Corporate 31 October 2022
Expat Woman: Expatriating as a Woman

Let’s start the article with a striking statistic.  In 91% of cases, the expatriate’s spouse is a woman. A woman who, in one out of three cases, even admits to having “sacrificed” herself professionally to complete her husband’s project. This sacrifice is more widespread among women, but is gradually changing sides. Expat woman: the obstacles…

expatriate employee
Corporate 27 September 2022
Supporting your expatriate employee during their relocation

If you are planning to expatriate one of your employees to one of your subsidiaries abroad, support is the key word. Indeed, professional expatriation is not only limited to obligations and formalities, but also includes support for the expatriate employee as well as family arrangements. It is therefore necessary to pre-empt the expatriation of an…

corporate expat package
Corporate 1 September 2022
Corporate Expat Package and Health Insurance

Expatriation is increasingly common in companies. Previously limited to long-term experiences and for managerial profiles, expatriation in companies is now proposed for shorter assignments and more varied profiles that are progressively less hierarchical. In order to support the future expatriate from his or her country of origin to the host country and to maintain his…