International Health Insurance for expat employees: how to choose?

International Health Insurance for expat employees: how to choose?

13 March 2023 Corporate

Choosing an international health insurance for your expat employees

Your company is setting up abroad, you are sending one of your employees to a new country, but are you really prepared?

Workplace accidents, burn-out, or absenteeism, the choice of an international health insurance for expatriate employees can have important consequences on your accounts and your performance. This is why it is essential for a company to choose the right international coverage to facilitate your establishment and the launch of your activity abroad. Foyer Global Health can help you in your search for international health insurance.

Why choose a company social protection for your expat employees?

Protecting your expat employees

It may seem obvious, but as a small or medium-sized company or for a large multinational, the proper integration of your employee (and perhaps his or her family) in his or her new home is essential both for his or her well-being and for his or her efficiency at work!

Taking advantage of tax benefits

Since taxes can sometimes be quite high, it is preferable to avoid additional costs by taking advantage of tax credits.

Helping your employees pay for insurance

Some people who work for you may not be able to afford the costs of their insurance through private coverage. You can help them take care of themselves!

Improves the state of mind of employees

Glassdoor Economic Research shows that health insurance correlates with employee job satisfaction, just like vacation time or bonuses. A healthy employee is less prone to injuries and health problems and thus less likely to miss days of work.

Allows you to recruit and retain your best employees

Having coverage for your employees shows that your company cares about the well-being of its employees and allows you to differentiate yourself in the market of recruiting companies and tip the scales in your favor.

Therefore, by choosing an expatriate health insurance for global company, you will gain advantages on several levels, both on taxes and on your human resources.

But choosing a corporate international insurance for your expat employees can be difficult. Foyer Global Health lists the steps you need to take to find the right insurance for your needs.

company health insurance

Which international health insurance to choose for an expat employee?

First of all, let’s keep in mind that there are two cases: the secondment of an employee and the expatriation.

In the first case, the employee depends on the law in which the company is based. His mission is limited in time. Many countries then impose a mandatory international company health insurance. In the second case, the expatriation, the employee is subject to a local employment contract and the legislation of the country of expatriation applies. It is still recommended to cover your employee.

So to choose the right type of international health coverage for your employees:

  • First, have a precise idea of your plans abroad in order to better target your needs and expectations with regard to the offer that the different social coverage provide.
  • Also evaluate the network that the insurance company has at its disposal, such as doctors or hospitals and all the health facilities linked to the insurance company.
  • Make sure that the geographic area in question has all the benefits that the coverage provides.
  • Take the time to understand what the insurance does and does not cover so that you do not have unexpected additional costs, as some cases are not covered if they were not included in the contract.
  • Finally, pay attention to the reputation of the insurer and compare them as offers and rates vary depending on the insurer.
  • Depending on the size of your company, the number of employees and their needs, you could also define a different expatriation package.

Once you have chosen your product, all you have to do is accompany your expat employee during his integration.

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