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Read insightful health news about the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted our lives and society since 2020.

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COVID-19 13 October 2022
Covid: the latest on the global pandemic

Virus status SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19, like any circulating virus, undergoes mutations (changes) that result in different variants of the virus. These changes may have an effect on the infectiousness, the symptoms it produces and their severity, or resistance to existing vaccines. In other cases, the changes have little or no effect on the…

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COVID-19 20 June 2022
Covid-19: why should expats opt for IPMI

Going abroad is not as easy as it used to be. The current pandemic has made international travel more complex. The specific costs associated with the treatment of Covid-19 can be quite significant. The most serious cases even require hospitalization in intensive care. International health insurance is therefore key when planning an expatriation, and even…

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COVID-19 23 November 2021
PCR tests for European Expatriates: November 2021 Update

One month has passed since the PCR tests became chargeable in France. If some countries in the European Union still offer free PCR tests, the vast majority charge for them. Quick review on the PCR tests’ costs in Europe. European countries in which the PCR test is the cheapest In many European countries, getting tested…

COVID-19 4 December 2020
The certificate of insurance, a useful document during COVID-19 times

The certificate of insurance is the official proof of your contract with an insurer. It contains key information about the insured, such as their names, policy number, dates of contract, etc. This certificate can only be issued through the insurance company, agent or broker.   The Covid-19 certificate, a much requested and sometimes necessary document…

COVID-19 24 July 2020
The impact of coronavirus on your expatriation

  Many of you were directly impacted by the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus. It has also greatly impacted expatriate departure decisions which were in many cases postponed or cancelled. We will hereby provide an overview of the direct and indirect consequences that the quarantine measures had on a significant number of projects….

COVID-19 9 June 2020
How to conciliate home office and children

  The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to adapt and change their working conditions to ensure business continuity. Further to social distancing recommendations, the solution of home office was mostly adopted , which we continue to practice today at Foyer Global Health. For parents with children, this new situation was a real challenge. In our…

COVID-19 5 May 2020
Tips on how to properly use and wear your medical mask

  In these times of coronavirus outbreak, wearing a mask is one of the most important hygienic recommendations to protect yourself and others from COVID19 contamination. This article provides useful best practices on medical masks usage.   Which masks should I use? There are several categories of masks to be used, which usually differ by…

COVID-19 30 April 2020
A Hawkes process to make people aware of the severity of COVID-19 outbreak in France

This article was written by  Foyer’s Data Studio, just before the lockdown in France on March 16, 2020.   Insurance companies have a huge amount of data about their customers.With the emergence of disciplines such as machine learning and deep learning, these companies could extract a lot of unknown information in order to offer a…

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COVID-19 25 March 2020
COVID-19: Home office and service continuity plan

  Dear valued clients and partners, It is now a week since we started servicing clients and partners from our respective homes. We only had 24 hours to setup a service and business continuity plan and, together, we truly did magic. Today, 100% of our staff and colleagues are operating remotely, close to their family…

COVID-19 19 March 2020
COVID-19: You are in safe hands with Foyer Global Health

In the context of the coronavirus outbreak, many people contacted us with questions related to how Foyer Global Health insurance plans are covering COVID-19 infection. We fully understand this is a major concern for most of you and here is a clear and official statement on it.   If you are already a client of…