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Lifestyle 27 March 2023

Telemigration: the new phenomenon of post-Covid relocation

“This week, I telework.” While the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of all of us, it has significantly changed the lives of the majority of employees. Companies that allow their staff to work from home are increasingly attracted to this new organisation, finding that it even has a positive impact on the productivity…

Lifestyle 17 January 2023

International Expatriation: What is WWOOFING?

What is WWOOFING? WWOOF International is a global movement that connects visitors with organic farmers. This movement encourages cultural exchange, and thus builds a community that is aware of ecological farming practices. Currently, 12,000 farms are practicing Woofing in over 60 countries around the world. Expatriation and Wwoofing, definition The wwoofing experience is mainly based…

Lifestyle 16 May 2022

Preparing your expatriation to make it more eco-friendly

The term “eco-expat” is very much in vogue at the moment, it is echoed in societies that are increasingly concerned about their environment and its preservation. This term eco-expat” refers to an expatriation that is considered more environmentally friendly. Expatriation, by definition, means being far from one’s country of origin and this does not happen…


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