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multicultural team
Corporate 18 September 2023

HR: How do you manage your multicultural team?

As a human resources manager in a large company, you’ve probably already wondered how to manage a multicultural expat team. While they bring undeniable richness to the company, differences can sometimes be the breeding ground for poor communication and integration problems. They may concern different types of issues, such as: Numerous studies demonstrate the priority…

Young graduate
Corporate 10 July 2023

First job and expatriation: why is it good for your career?

Have you just finished your studies and are you thinking about moving abroad for your first job? Rest assured, you’re far from alone. According to a study conducted by MoveHub in 2017, relocation requests from millenials (aged 18 to 35) had increased by around 60%. Expatriations made easier with the digitization of professions, greater flexibility…