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least taxed countries
Expat life 14 May 2024

Least taxed countries: A Global Voyage through Low-Tax Jurisdictions

For high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, international taxation is an intricate web. Taxes around the world can vary greatly and some countries have much lighter tax burdens than others. This crucial aspect may determine relocation or establishment of a foreign business venture. The low rate jurisdictions guidebook analyzes the least taxed countries with the…

double taxation expats
Expat life 10 May 2024

Double Taxation Dilemmas and Solutions for Expats in Europe

The financial challenge of double taxation affects people and businesses around the world. It is a situation where income taxes are imposed twice on the same earned income, profit or asset as it is at its core. Consequently, it mainly affects expatriates (expats) and multinational corporations which may be taxed in the country where income…

getting loan expat
Expat life 7 May 2024

Getting a Loan as an Expat

Expatriates, in brief, are people who live and work outside their home country. Expats have various reasons for choosing to live abroad including work opportunities, international education or retirement in another country. There is a downside though about expat lives; there might be difficulties with financing like taking out a mortgage or loan. So, even…