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Health 25 January 2023

Let’s talk about miscarriage: a gynaecologist’s point of view

Dr. Natalia García Montaner, specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Teladoc Health, answers our questions about miscarriage, a situation faced by many couples but, if it occurs in a healthy couple, does not necessarily prevent the pregnancy from being carried to term in subsequent pregnancies.  When is a miscarriage considered to be a spontaneous abortion…

blue monday
Health 16 January 2023

What is Blue Monday?

It’s no secret: Mondays are (usually) disliked. They start the week by reminding us of everything we have to do and how much is left to do at the end of the week. But are all Mondays equally “tortuous”? Will 16 January be the worst in 2023? The third Monday in January is called “Blue…

psychology expatriate
Health 30 September 2022

Psychology and expatriation, the struggles of the expatriate

Expatriation is a complex and multifaceted event. It often gives rise to contradictory and sometimes destabilising emotions for those who are confronted with it. These strong emotions can represent a real psychological challenge for the expatriate. Expatriation amidst enthusiasm and doubts Moving abroad requires a physical, emotional and psychological effort that confronts the expatriate with…


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