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multicultural team
Corporate 18 September 2023

HR: How do you manage your multicultural team?

As a human resources manager in a large company, you’ve probably already wondered how to manage a multicultural expat team. While they bring undeniable richness to the company, differences can sometimes be the breeding ground for poor communication and integration problems. They may concern different types of issues, such as: Numerous studies demonstrate the priority…

Expat life 4 September 2023

Expatriating to Scandinavia: reasons for success

Whether it’s to get closer to Santa Claus, to ward off the effects of climate change or to take advantage of a system that’s totally different from southern European countries, there’s every reason to expatriate to Scandinavia. Let’s discover them together Moving to Scandinavia for the healthcare system Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark,…

expat first aid kit
Health 21 August 2023

Expat’s first aid kit: Essential first aid kit for children and adults

As an expat, holidays may now be quite different to what you were used to. Now, your annual leave may often consist of going back home and visiting friends and family. Enjoying things that you forgot you missed so much when you were outside of your hometown. absorbing the change of scenery and maybe soaking…