First job and expatriation: why is it good for your career?

First job and expatriation: why is it good for your career?

10 July 2023 Corporate

Have you just finished your studies and are you thinking about moving abroad for your first job? Rest assured, you’re far from alone. According to a study conducted by MoveHub in 2017, relocation requests from millenials (aged 18 to 35) had increased by around 60%. Expatriations made easier with the digitization of professions, greater flexibility at work and the popularity of digital nomad visas. What are the advantages of expatriation for young graduates? We tell you all about it!

Young graduate: going abroad for languages

Whether it’s for love, quality of life or a personal challenge (Statista, 2022), there’s every reason to move abroad. The first obvious advantage is learning a language. Indeed reports in a July 2022 study that the languages most in demand by employers worldwide are Mandarin, Hindi, German, Spanish and French. Unless you’re already an expert at handling languages, your start in your new countries may be a bit hazardous. You’ll find yourself searching for words and leaving gaps in conversation, but you’ll make rapid progress! What’s more, it’s one of the best exercises you can give your brain on your first expat job.

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The benefits of networking for your first job abroad

Choosing to start your career abroad can be a smart move to boost your professional career. Among the many advantages, you’ll be able to build up a network of contacts all over the world. As an expat, you have the chance to meet professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, which is extremely beneficial to your professional development. Networking allows you to expand your professional sphere, access new opportunities and gain knowledge from different perspectives. Global networking is an vast source of knowledge and learning, enhancing your creativity and your ability to find solutions.

At the same time, it opens doors to a professional circle extending beyond national borders, giving you access to international opportunities you might never have considered. By establishing links with individuals from different cultures and nationalities, you develop a broad worldview and an open-mindedness that are highly valued qualities in the professional world.

The many benefits of professional experience abroad

Working abroad for your first job gives you the chance to explore new working practices, adapted to different cultural and professional contexts. Each country has its own methods, so you’ll have the chance to broaden your skills by immersing yourself in these new ways of working. You’ll be exposed to new technologies and different work processes, which will greatly enrich your professional experience and skills. This immersion in new working practices will also enable you to bring fresh ideas to your future employers.

What’s more, adapting to a new working environment and a different professional culture requires the development of skills such as flexibility, adaptability and the ability to work in multicultural teams. These skills are particularly sought after by employers.

If we take the example of the author of these lines, expatriated to Canada for a year in 2023, Slack was much more developed at that time than Teams or Zoom, which were more popular in Europe.


Expatriate to boost your salary

It’s not us who say so, but a study, the HSBC Expat survey. According to the survey of 18,000 expats in 163 countries, young professionals aged 18-34 increased by 35% after moving abroad. Better still, for some countries, the increase exceeded 50%. Among the countries singled out for their earning potential: Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. If it helps you make your choice more quickly!

Young expats: invaluable cultural enrichment

An experience abroad also offers invaluable cultural enrichment, both personally and professionally, as you immerse yourself in a new culture, with its customs and traditions. This cultural enrichment will broaden your worldview, strengthen your sense of open-mindedness and enable you to appreciate cultural diversity.

Expatriation pushes you out of your comfort zone and into new territory. This experience confronts you with new situations and demands. This self-improvement boosts your confidence, improves your stress management and develops your adaptability. These qualities are invaluable in the professional world, where the ability to rise to challenges is essential for success.

Are you convinced? Now all you have to do is choose a destination from among the countries that welcome the most expats!

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