Which countries are ready to welcome expats in 2022?

Which countries are ready to welcome expats in 2022?

13 June 2022 Expat life

Are you looking for a new adventure in life? Is moving abroad part of your plans for 2022? You should know that this project is far from being utopian, as many countries are actively seeking qualified expatriates! The health crisis has spared no one and some countries have seen their economies hit hardest by this unprecedented crisis. In order to revitalise their national economy and compensate for a lack of manpower in certain sectors, several countries are turning to expatriation to remedy this. Numerous advantageous measures have been put in place to attract these foreign workers. In this article, we will see which are the best countries to expatriate to in 2022. 

Expatriates, all head for Canada!

Canada remains the preferred destination for expatriates and is the best country to expatriate to in 2022! The Working Holiday Visa scheme allows many young people, every year, to experience the Canadian adventure. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the health crisis and the numerous restrictions, expatriates are becoming rarer and Canada is not able to reach its immigration quotas.  As a result of the slowdown in the influx of foreign workers, there is a significant need for skilled labour.

For all those who wish to move to Canada, now is the time to take advantage of it! If you are French-speaking and want to live in Quebec, don’t hesitate! To face the lack of manpower, a recruitment mission specifically targeting French-speaking expatriates has been created. Many positions are available in different fields such as cabinetmaking, construction, mechanics or in the tourism, hotel and restaurant sector.  All these job offers can be found on the official Canadian website Guichet-Emploi.

For those of you who would like to move to the English-speaking region of Canada, it is possible! There is no shortage of job offers in the province of Ontario in the plumbing, architecture, electricity, accounting or teaching sectors.

Faced with this labour shortage, Canada knows how to attract job applicants. To attract more qualified expatriates who have been trained abroad, administrative procedures will be lightened, as will the skills tests. It should also be noted that for professionals who are not subject to mandatory accreditation, the possibility of obtaining a work certificate without claiming local work experience will soon be possible.

Thailand opens its doors to skilled foreign labour

Asian countries, especially South East Asian countries, are among the best destinations for expatriates! The climate, quality of life and low cost of living in these countries compared to Western countries are some of the reasons why these countries are favoured by expatriates. Thailand is no exception to the rule, as it entices and attracts new expatriates every year.

bangkok expat
Thailand, especially Bangkok, is keen to attract highly skilled professionals and other wealthy citizens, both working and retired.

In Thailand, a skilled foreign workforce is in high demand to fill local vacancies.  Highly qualified personnel in the engineering and research sectors are in short supply in the local Thai market, so the government has introduced a number of attractive measures to convince expatriates to move to Thailand. Among these measures, we find:

  • The creation of a new visa, valid for 10 years, offered to expatriates and their family members,
  • The end of the notification of residence every 90 days,
  • Various tax benefits including a 17% income tax cap.

With the introduction of these new measures, the Thai government aims to attract at least one million expatriates over the next five years.

If the idea of expatriating to Thailand appeals to you, you should know that in order to benefit from these various advantages, only one condition must be respected. For skilled workers, you must be able to prove a minimum income of €68,000 over the last two years, or hold a master’s degree.

Europe is not left behind and is one of the best countries to expatriate to

European countries also attract qualified expatriates! Which European countries are the most popular with expatriates? This is what we will now look at.

Many European countries offer advantages to expatriates in order to attract them. Take Spain and Italy, for example, both of which have introduced expatriate bonuses. The objective is to welcome foreign workers to revitalise local life in certain villages and boost the local economy.

With the Covid-19 health crisis, the phenomenon of the “digital nomad“, who are workers who can work wherever they want thanks to telecommuting, is a great success. Croatia saw an opportunity with these workers and introduced a residence permit specifically for these teleworkers!

Georgia, the Eastern European country, who also wants to attract teleworkers, has set up a Remotely From Georgia programme. This programme offers a free one-year visa that allows these workers to live and work freely in the country. The advantage for these expats who choose Georgia is that they enjoy a low cost of living compared to other European countries.  To find out more about expatriation in Georgia and the cost of living, read our dedicated article.

Ireland is also one of the best destinations to expatriate to. In this country, start-ups can receive government support through the “Enterprise Ireland” programme and benefit from lower corporate taxes than elsewhere in Europe. Finally, in Great Britain, work visas are available for qualified expatriates. This visa is available under certain conditions. To qualify, you must have studied at the world’s best universities and be able to prove that you have a job offer from a fast-growing company in the UK. These visas can also be issued to entrepreneurs who have a solid project, having convinced serious investors.

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