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Because wellbeing is as important to us as your health, we give you the best tips to adopt a lifestyle adapted to your expat needs.

hydrating eating summer
Health 30 June 2022
Hydrating and eating well in summer

With the arrival of summer, it is common for our weight, but also our digestive system, to alter. This is due to changes in the timetable and the irregularity of our eating habits, as we eat more meals away from home and at different times than usual. It is therefore important to adjust our diet…

Lifestyle 16 May 2022
Preparing your expatriation to make it more eco-friendly

The term “eco-expat” is very much in vogue at the moment, it is echoed in societies that are increasingly concerned about their environment and its preservation. This term eco-expat” refers to an expatriation that is considered more environmentally friendly. Expatriation, by definition, means being far from one’s country of origin and this does not happen…

influencers dubai
Expat life 26 April 2022
The rise of influencers in Dubai

Their names are Nabilla, Hugo Philip, Max Stanton or Pallavi Dean… They are based in Dubai, and they spend most of their time on social media sharpening their digital weapons to conquer the world. For a few years now, the glittering emirate has been attracting influencers from everywhere on the planet; this new crowd are…

expat partner
Expat life 14 April 2022
Expat Partner: 5 ways to get the most out of it!

66.2 million is the number of expatriates listed by Finacorrd, a company specialising in market research. 66.2 million people have left their native land for better working conditions, a more pleasant environment or a more competitive salary. It also potentially means several million men and women who have decided to follow their expatriate spouse. This…

social phobia lockdown covid-19
Health 22 February 2021
Our society facing social phobia

Mental health is very present in the current context, both in the expatriate community and in the general population. At the beginning of our blog, we talked about anxiety and depression, some mental disorders that are often difficult to live with daily. When this anxiety turns into an excessive fear and changes our relationships with…

Expat life 10 July 2020
Co-living, an attractive housing alternative for expats

  Co-living is becoming more and more popular among the expat community. By offering affordable houses for individuals, co-living is undoubtedly an effective solution to the housing crisis. You might have already experienced living at the dormitory as a university student; co-living is not much different. Nevertheless, co-living emphasises shared values and community rather than…

COVID-19 9 June 2020
How to conciliate home office and children

  The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to adapt and change their working conditions to ensure business continuity. Further to social distancing recommendations, the solution of home office was mostly adopted , which we continue to practice today at Foyer Global Health. For parents with children, this new situation was a real challenge. In our…

Expat life 20 April 2020
How to have a balanced diet in your new country?

  For some people, moving abroad can be a very stressful experience. The more adventurous expats might think it is the good opportunity to discover new cuisines and exotic food. In both cases, you will likely face a cultural shock that can lead to bad eating habits… and weight gain. We strongly encourage you not…

Insurance 16 April 2020
Why an International Health Insurance is not a Travel Insurance

  The time has come for us to clarify an important, insurance related, topic which is confusing many expats and travellers. We are often asked if we provide travel insurance. And the answer is no, simply because International Health Insurance and Travel insurance are two completely different insurance products. So, you might wonder what the…

Health 27 March 2020
Top 5 Benefits of Sport on our Health

  Specialists keep stressing the fact that sport directly improves our health. It influences our mental health, in addition to many other positive impacts it has on the human body. Physical exercise not only maintains the body shape, but also plays a major role in prevention against diseases, memory loss, cholesterol or diabetes. We are…