International Expatriation: What is WWOOFING?

International Expatriation: What is WWOOFING?

17 January 2023 Lifestyle


WWOOF International is a global movement that connects visitors with organic farmers. This movement encourages cultural exchange, and thus builds a community that is aware of ecological farming practices. Currently, 12,000 farms are practicing Woofing in over 60 countries around the world.

Expatriation and Wwoofing, definition

The wwoofing experience is mainly based on sharing, meeting and exchange.

It’s very simple, in exchange for a few hours of work (usually 25 hours/week) on an organic farm, the hosts offer you food and lodging in return.

Going on a wwoofing trip offers the expat the possibility to experience a completely immersed stay. This practice also allows you to learn a language more easily, to discover unknown regions of the world, to learn about new cultures and traditions, but above all to learn about agricultural tasks. A cost-effective travel solution, allowing you to make significant savings.

Why choose WOOFING?

In short, this movement is an excellent way to combine tourism and work. Here are some reasons to do wwoofing:

Go Woofing to test another life

Wwoofing allows the worker to discover the countryside, as well as agricultural tasks (gardening, animal breeding…). The worker approaches a way of life sometimes very different from his own. Among the popular destinations, we find wwoofing in New Zealand, in the USA and in Australia.

Making unlikely encounters

When you go to live as an expat woofer on the other side of the world, your hosts will share with you what they do on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to meet a community that is different from yours.

Discovering cultures

One of the advantages of wwoofing is that it gives you the opportunity to visit the area and learn about its history in your free time. Moreover, your host family will always be available to tell you about their culture.

Travelling on a budget

Wwoofing is an experience that allows you to take off at a low cost to discover a country that makes you dream.

How to expatriate in WWOOFING, what are the steps?

To get started, here is the procedure to become a wwoofer:

  • Choose the country you want to visit and you will be directed to the Wwoof website of the country in question.
  • Create your profile, you will be asked to participate according to the country. Don’t hesitate to tell a little about yourself, to add some pictures…
  • Choose your hosts, either according to the region, the production of their farm, or in any case according to their availability.
  • Send multiple requests to the hosts you like.
  • Get in touch with your host, and prepare questions to ask.

Now that you’re all set to become a woofer, here are some accounts to follow if you ever want to learn more:

  • An interesting testimonial from a wwoofer:

One last word! We have devoted an article on how to make your expatriation more eco-friendly, if you are sensitive to ecology, we invite you to discover it.

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