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Because wellbeing is as important to us as your health, we give you the best tips to adopt a lifestyle adapted to your expat needs.

COVID-19 9 June 2020
How to conciliate home office and children

  The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to adapt and change their working conditions to ensure business continuity. Further to social distancing recommendations, the solution of home office was mostly adopted , which we continue to practice today at Foyer Global Health. For parents with children, this new situation was a real challenge. In our…

Lifestyle 20 April 2020
How to have a balanced diet in your new country?

For some people, moving abroad can be a very stressful experience. The more adventurous expats might think it is the good opportunity to discover new cuisines and exotic food. In both cases, you will likely face a cultural shock that can lead to bad eating habits… and weight gain. We strongly encourage you not to…