Changing jobs to expatriate: take advantage of the “Great Resignation”

Changing jobs to expatriate: take advantage of the “Great Resignation”

16 May 2022 Lifestyle

Nearly one in two employees would consider quitting during 2022. The 2021 Work Trend Index survey conducted by Microsoft is clear: the desire to change jobs has never been so strong. Loss of meaning, physical fatigue, lack of pay progression or a desire to be somewhere else, and what if the “Great Resignation” were to push you to expatriate?

The Great Resignation, leaving your job for the better

It is called The Big Quit or The Great Resignation in the United States and this phenomenon is in the process of developing in Europe. The Big Quit is a movement that is affecting the labour market across the Atlantic and defines the propensity of employees to leave their jobs to either change jobs or leave the market altogether. If the health crisis has been the revealing or even triggering element (layoffs, restructuring plans), it is not the only cause. Other factors are frequently mentioned by employees who have taken the plunge on three levels:

  • For professional reasons: excessively long working hours, arduous travel, a lack of progression in terms of pay…
  • For personal reasons: loss of purpose at work, physical or psychological fatigue, lack of recognition by the hierarchy or peers.
  • For more profound reasons: the need to reconnect with the environment, with loved ones, the need to find meaning in life…

BFMTV, a French 24-hour news medium, reports that all generations are impacted. However, it is the employees of generation Z (as from 1995) who are the most interested in changing jobs. 52% of them imagine themselves elsewhere compared to only 35% for generation X.

The study also reports that the most affected categories are the professions with a reputation for low pay, such as transport or the hotel and catering industry.

Before you change jobs and move abroad, think again

Leaving your job is often a trigger. Freeing yourself from the clutches of your job implies giving yourself the opportunity to dream! But don’t be in a hurry; leaving your job to expatriate is, above all, a matter of planning and reflection.

Among the criteria to take into account are:

  • The cost of living: choosing your host country means, first of all, taking into account your budget. Take into account your future salary, the cost of transportation to your country of origin, the cost of schooling, healthcare, leisure and food. Also consider the cost of property, as some countries require a minimum wage to rent a property.
  • Health: not all countries have effective public health insurance or sufficient health infrastructure. You should choose an international health insurance for expatriates adapted to your specific needs and the country’s situation.
  • Quality of life: as we have seen in our article dedicated to expatriation in Switzerland, quality of life is important. It includes, of course, the availability of transport, leisure activities, air quality, the safety of the country and even the quality of the schools in your expat country.

Finally, other criteria should be taken into account if you are changing jobs to live abroad, such as the distance from your home country or the language and cultural differences.

Choosing a good expatriate health insurance

On what criteria should you choose your international health insurance for expatriates:

  • What are your health needs?
  • Are you going alone or with your family?
  • What is the cost of healthcare in your host country?
  • What level of cover will your company provide?
  • What are the reimbursement terms and conditions?
  • Is the insurer easy to contact?
  • Are there any exclusions from the contract?

To answer all these questions, you can compare our health insurance for expatriates and choose the one that suits you.

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