International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Thailand

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Thailand

Discover our health insurance policies specifically designed for expats in Thailand

Foyer Global Health covers expats’ health in Thailand who are seeking for a private health insurance solution tailored to their needs.

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Digital nomads, employees, freelancers, humanitarians…Every year, Thailand’s pristine beaches, gorgeous cultural heritage and famous hospitality attract a plethora of foreigners from across the globe.

Are you one of them? You’ll need a solid private health insurance plan dedicated to expats to give you the security and peace of mind for your new life in Thailand!

Thailand: a global healthcare leader and destination

With its efficient medical infrastructure, excellent care, highly qualified medical staff (often trained abroad), modern equipment, and national universal healthcare coverage, Thailand’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. In recent years, the ‘land of smiles’ has even become a top healthcare destination in Asia!

In 2019, just over 3 million foreign patients came to Thailand to benefit from the excellence of the country’s healthcare in private prestigious health facilities, including Bumrungrad Hospital (the largest medical centre in Southeast Asia), Samitivej Hospital, Phyathai International Hospital, and Bangkok Hospital. Such medical institutions offer a harmonious combination between healthcare, wellness, and luxury.

What are the private healthcare facilities’ advantages?

  • Five-star patient care: patient wellness, comfort and satisfaction are at the very heart of Thai healthcare services (a fusion of medical and wellness)
  • Excellent healthcare services, top-notch medical infrastructure, high efficiency of medical staff
  • Very short waiting times
  • For the same quality of health services as in Western Europe, you will be charged less in Thailand, and even if the cost of private healthcare in Thailand is higher than in the public, medical services are affordable for European or American expats

What about the public health system?

Residents in Thailand are registered with the local Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) and are therefore covered by public health insurance for medical services such as preventive care, medical consultations with general or specialist practitioners, hospitalization, and prescription drugs. Nonetheless, if you are registered with the UCS, you are limited to visiting specific public healthcare facilities (except in case of emergency!), and as an expat you will have to register upon your arrival with the specific health centre located nearest to your place of residence.

What are the limitations of public healthcare?

  • Public hospitals are often overcrowded and waiting times for medical services can be very long
  • The quality of public healthcare and infrastructure depends largely on the geographical area you find yourself in. While excellent health facilities are located in metropolitan areas and touristic hubs, you’ll have more trouble finding good public hospitals in some remote areas.
  • No freedom of choice: if you want 100% coverage through the public health insurance system, you will have to go to the public health centre you are affiliated to.

The hospital at the core of Thailand’s health system

Whether in the public or private health system, the hospital is at the core of any healthcare procedure. Most of the time, consultations with a general or specialist practitioner take place in hospitals.

Surprisingly, in Thailand, the number of medical specialists far exceeds the number of general practitioners, so it can be difficult to find a family doctor for a minor, yet pressing, health issue. In such cases, you’d better have quick access to digital medical services.

Health insurance for foreigners living in Thailand

Getting a health insurance for expats in Thailand is not strictly mandatory, but it is strongly recommended. If you want security, freedom, and high-quality medical care all at once, you should get supplementary private international health insurance on top of your local public health coverage. This means you are fully protected in case of emergency hospitalization, repatriation and/or evacuation without having to pay high costs in advance.

Foyer Global Health has your back in Thailand!

Our specialty is protecting expatriates’ health abroad (and in their home country!). Planning to work, go on sabbatical or retire in Thailand? We tailor to your new life plan: we provide you with flexible, bespoke, and efficient international health insurance, all with competitive benefits, so you can access excellent Thai healthcare services and infrastructure.

If you get Foyer Global Health’s international health insurance, you will be able to:

  • Get a comprehensive international coverage at competitive prices, including in case of emergency or Covid-19
  • Be free to choose your healthcare provider, either public or private, in Thailand and in your home country
  • Have immediate medical assistance at any time (digital medical services)
  • Get quicker access to local and international healthcare providers
  • Benefit from efficient coverage from the first euro without having to pay medical fees in advance

Want to know more about our international health insurance solutions for expatriates in Thailand? Our experts are here to guide you by email or phone.