You are planning an expatriation to Georgia, what is the cost of living there?

You are planning an expatriation to Georgia, what is the cost of living there?

21 February 2022 Expat life

For a small country with a population of 4 million, Georgia has a lot to offer to expatriates. Located in the Caucasus region, the country not only offers many advantages to any tourist or digital nomad, but also provides easy access to both Europe and Asia. With a lower cost of living than its European neighbours, Georgia may well prove to be the most attractive expatriate destination in Eurasia.

First step for the expatriate in Georgia: to land!

It’s 6:05 a.m. and you’ve just landed at Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli International Airport. After checking your vaccination certificate (or a negative PCR test), your new life as an expatriate in Georgia can begin. After a few hours of flight, why not have a cup of coffee at the RadioCafe. To get there, you will have to take a cab and pay less than 3 euros to reach the city center. You ask the driver for a small detour to see the magnificent Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. A masterpiece made of golden stones.

On the spot, count 1 euro for coffee and if you smoke, you can buy a pack for less than two euros. To save money, you left in June when the average weather stabilizes around 25 degrees Celsius! You take the opportunity to stroll to the Galleria Tbilisi or the Tbilisi Mall located nearby. It would be a shame to lock yourself in the cinema hall with this beautiful sunshine! (even if the ticket costs only 4 euros!). While the stores parade with prices generally less expensive than in European countries (pair of shoes at 48 euros, summer dress at Zara around 29 euros, pair of Levi’s jeans at 31 euros), you decide to take a break to grab a bite!

You are not afraid to discover the local gastronomy… At worst, your expatriate health insurance in Georgia will cover you! You hesitate: a baguette (23 cents) and a bottle of water (31 cents), a fast food (about 4 euros), a meal in a restaurant (between 5 to 8 euros). It will be McDonald’s for this time!

While waiting to pick up the keys to your apartment tomorrow (about 320 euros per month), you decide to treat yourself and book a night in a high-end hotel (about 30 euros).

Expat in Georgia, the cost of daily life

You will have to equip yourself for your new expatriation in Georgia! To do this you buy a local SIM card (50 Euro cents) and compare local operators such as Beeline, Magti and Geocell. Be aware that 4G works in the main cities, a little less in the mountains which create a topography for the country! For the Internet, allow for around 8 euros per month to have a good connection speed.

You already start to have your eye on the activities and especially at the fitness club just in front of your future home. Because a new country means a new way of life! Here, the cost to get in shape is a bit high: almost 30 euros per month! If you want to visit a museum, you can get tickets for less than 4 euros in most cultural places.

The day is coming to an end and you have walked too much! You will relax in a lively bar of the capital like the SMA Craft Beer or the 8000 Vintages. A large pint to quench your thirst will cost you about 50 cents to 1.30 euros.

After enjoying the Georgian national dish, the lobio, a red bean soup, you decide it’s time to go back to the hotel to rest. Tomorrow is another day, the first of your new life as an expatriate in Georgia.

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