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work in singapore
Expat life 6 March 2023
4 reasons to move to Singapore for work

Located in the extreme south of Malaysia, Singapore and its city-state has been welcoming many expats for several years. To be more precise, 30% of its 5 million residents come from abroad, the city being renowned for its luxurious life, its climate and the safety of its streets, but that’s not only it! Here are…

singapour visa expatriation
Expat life 13 February 2023
Expatriation to Singapore and Visa, what’s new in 2023

Singapore is a city-state located in the extreme south of Malaysia, with a 14 hour flight from Paris. Also known as the “garden city” thanks to its many green spaces, the Republic of Singapore attracts many expats every year. Expatriation to Singapore is motivated by the country’s dynamic culture. Cosmopolitan, the city-state has a population…

expatriation visa
Expat life 6 February 2023
Expatriation: Ranking of the passports that will open the most doors in 2023

What if we told you that your passport, although an indispensable document in all parts of the world, does not have the same value depending on the country that issued it? This is indeed the purpose of the Henley & Partners studies, which establishes a quarterly ranking of the most “powerful” passports. What does the…

interesting facts thailand
Expat life 20 January 2023
Expat in Thaïland – 5 interesting Facts You Should Know

Do you know these unusual facts about Thailand? What do you first think of when you hear about Thailand? Blue Moon? Pad Thai? Koh Samui or Pattaya? As a future expat in Thailand, there are things you need to know to save yourself from embarrassing situations or to shine during your experience! We make you…

visa uae
Expat life 8 December 2022
Expatriation to the United Arab Emirates, which visa to choose?

Did you know? There are more expatriates in the UAE than locals. Expatriates make up over 88% of the 9.890 million inhabitants of the 7 emirates that make up the nation. Mainly Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos and Egyptians, Western immigrants in the Persian Gulf country are estimated to number around 2.5 million. If you are…

tiktok expatriate
Expat life 5 December 2022
Why go on Tiktok as an expat?

With nearly 1.8 billion users, TikTok has established itself as the social network for short videos. Increasingly used as a search engine, especially by generations Z and Alpha, it is useful in many other ways besides entertainment. Using TikTok as an expat can serve to: There are endless reasons why expatriates or future expatriates spend…

instant translation tool
Expat life 15 November 2022
Which instant translation tool is right for expatriates?

Who hasn’t experienced this situation? Whether you excel in a foreign language or are just starting out, you have inevitably stumbled over a sentence. Pronunciation, unfamiliar words or idiomatic expressions will soon hold no secrets for you with these instant translation tools for expatriates. This is it, you’ve just taken up your dream job as…

expat women
Corporate 31 October 2022
Expat Woman: Expatriating as a Woman

Let’s start the article with a striking statistic.  In 91% of cases, the expatriate’s spouse is a woman. A woman who, in one out of three cases, even admits to having “sacrificed” herself professionally to complete her husband’s project. This sacrifice is more widespread among women, but is gradually changing sides. Expat woman: the obstacles…

housing expat
Expat life 28 October 2022
These are the countries in which you cannot buy

Expatriation is a carefully considered choice that allows for personal and professional development. And what is one of the highest achievements of personal development, the goal of a lifetime: becoming a property owner!Buying real estate while abroad represents a long-term commitment, proof, if any were needed, of the attachment one has for the host country. To…

expatriation digital nomad
Expat life 17 August 2022
In which countries can you become a digital nomad?

What does it mean to be a digital nomad? Discovering the world without needing to “take a vacation leave” is ideal for anyone who loves to travel. Paradoxically, it is the pandemic that has turned this dream into reality, giving more and more people the opportunity to embrace the digital nomad philosophy. If you are…