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mexico expat
Expat life 15 June 2022
Expat in Mexico: Louise narrates her experience in this country

Louise, an expatriate in Mexico for more than 6 years, shared her experience with us through a short interview. Who is she? Louise is a fictional character created from several testimonies in order to make the reading of this article more attractive and fun! Louise is a young woman in her thirties who has lived…

best countries expatriation
Expat life 13 June 2022
Which countries are ready to welcome expats in 2022?

Are you looking for a new adventure in life? Is moving abroad part of your plans for 2022? You should know that this project is far from being utopian, as many countries are actively seeking qualified expatriates! The health crisis has spared no one and some countries have seen their economies hit hardest by this…

influencers dubai
Expat life 26 April 2022
The rise of influencers in Dubai

Their names are Nabilla, Hugo Philip, Max Stanton or Pallavi Dean… They are based in Dubai, and they spend most of their time on social media sharpening their digital weapons to conquer the world. For a few years now, the glittering emirate has been attracting influencers from everywhere on the planet; this new crowd are…

most expensive cities world
Expat life 20 April 2022
Which are the world’s most expensive cities?

While the attractiveness of a city or country is certainly a positive reason for moving abroad, the cost of living is an all important consideration.  When thinking of expatriation, the cost of housing, heating, schools and healthcare in your designation city are most often utmost on your mind. Foyer Global Health sheds some light on…

expat partner
Expat life 14 April 2022
Expat Partner: 5 ways to get the most out of it!

66.2 million is the number of expatriates listed by Finacorrd, a company specialising in market research. 66.2 million people have left their native land for better working conditions, a more pleasant environment or a more competitive salary. It also potentially means several million men and women who have decided to follow their expatriate spouse. This…

expat switzerland
Expat life 12 April 2022
Should we still choose expatriation to Switzerland?

In 2021, foreign nationals in Switzerland represented more than a quarter (26.4%) of the country’s working population (of which 18.9% were European nationals). If the country of Gruyère cheese and watches appears at the top of the HSBC Expat ranking, it is constantly falling in the Internations Expat Insider ranking (30th). Whether Switzerland is a…

long term expatriation crisis
Expat life 15 March 2022
Long-term expatriates, what to do in the event of a crisis?

On 24 February, Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine in response to its application for NATO membership. According to the Migrant Refugees website and data from the Ukrainian Ministry of Employment, which issues work permits to foreigners, Ukraine was home to over 16,000 expatriates in 2018. The raging communication war and rapid changes on the…

expatriation bulgaria golden visas
Expat life 24 February 2022
Can you still move to Bulgaria on golden visas?

Gaining the nationality of a country in exchange for a significant financial investment in it, this is what many countries in the European Union still offer in an attempt to get rich. A practice that does not greatly please the European Commission. Bulgaria has recently decided to retreat from this practice. Expatriating to Bulgaria for…

expatriation georgia cost of living
Expat life 21 February 2022
You are planning an expatriation to Georgia, what is the cost of living there?

For a small country with a population of 4 million, Georgia has a lot to offer to expatriates. Located in the Caucasus region, the country not only offers many advantages to any tourist or digital nomad, but also provides easy access to both Europe and Asia. With a lower cost of living than its European…

expatriation minimum wages europe
Expat life 18 January 2022
Expat in Europe: focus on the minimum wages

1,870 euros: this is the difference between the highest minimum wage, Luxembourg with almost 2,202 euros per month, and Bulgaria, which is at the bottom of the table on European minimum wages. 21 of the 27 countries have a minimum wage, let’s take stock of the legal remuneration in the European Union. Choosing your expatriation…