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Expat life 4 September 2023
Expatriating to Scandinavia: reasons for success

Whether it’s to get closer to Santa Claus, to ward off the effects of climate change or to take advantage of a system that’s totally different from southern European countries, there’s every reason to expatriate to Scandinavia. Let’s discover them together Moving to Scandinavia for the healthcare system Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark,…

thinking people
Expat life 7 August 2023
Scams and expatriation: how to protect yourself?

Whether you’re at the very beginning of the expatriation process, close to departure or just arriving in your host country, you’re in a hurry! When you’re in a hurry, you think less and you’re more vulnerable. And crooks know it! From housing to banking, discover the most common expat scams. Pre-departure scams for expats This…

Intelligence artificielle
Expat life 3 July 2023
The best artificial intelligence tools for expats

Artificial Intelligence (and especially generative AI) has been in the spotlight since the end of 2021 and the arrival of Chat GPT, which we no longer need to introduce to you! And yet, we were all using it before its exponential development. Perhaps you were already using Deepl to translate your texts? Let’s take a…

school expatriation
Expat life 8 May 2023
Expatriation and Schooling: which school for my child?

You have just obtained your visa, the accommodation is already found, the papers are done and your employer is waiting for you? Shoot! The children! Language level, integration, how to choose an school in expatriation? Expat parents, how do I choose a school for my child? Searches on the Internet and its countless forums, phone…

most expensive cities world
Expat life 1 May 2023
Expatriation: 2023 ranking of the most expensive cities in the world

*Data is based on ranking figures from the previous year 2022. What are the criteria to take into account when choosing the best city to move to? The first factors that spontaneously come to mind are the attractiveness of the city, the safety, the health system of the country and the housing offer that it…

expat women tatiana melanie
Expat life 3 April 2023
Expat Women Testimonial: Mélanie and Tatiana in Luxembourg

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, on March 8, Tatiana and Melanie shared their experiences as expat women in Luxembourg.Mélanie, of English and German origin, has been a Policy Manager at Foyer Global Health for 9 months and has been an expat in Belgium for 8 years. Before that, she lived in London and…

work in singapore
Expat life 6 March 2023
4 reasons to move to Singapore for work

Located in the extreme south of Malaysia, Singapore and its city-state has been welcoming many expats for several years. To be more precise, 30% of its 5 million residents come from abroad, the city being renowned for its luxurious life, its climate and the safety of its streets, but that’s not only it! Here are…

singapour visa expatriation
Expat life 13 February 2023
Expatriation to Singapore and Visa, what’s new in 2023

Singapore is a city-state located in the extreme south of Malaysia, with a 14 hour flight from Paris. Also known as the “garden city” thanks to its many green spaces, the Republic of Singapore attracts many expats every year. Expatriation to Singapore is motivated by the country’s dynamic culture. Cosmopolitan, the city-state has a population…

expatriation visa
Expat life 6 February 2023
Expatriation: Ranking of the passports that will open the most doors in 2023

What if we told you that your passport, although an indispensable document in all parts of the world, does not have the same value depending on the country that issued it? This is indeed the purpose of the Henley & Partners studies, which establishes a quarterly ranking of the most “powerful” passports. What does the…

interesting facts thailand
Expat life 20 January 2023
Expat in Thaïland – 5 interesting Facts You Should Know

Do you know these unusual facts about Thailand? What do you first think of when you hear about Thailand? Blue Moon? Pad Thai? Koh Samui or Pattaya? As a future expat in Thailand, there are things you need to know to save yourself from embarrassing situations or to shine during your experience! We make you…