The best podcasts for expats

The best podcasts for expats

20 May 2024 Expat life

Relocating overseas is thrilling but also a difficult path that is exciting, scary and emotional. Be it alone, with family or for job reasons, expat life needs help, assistance and a feeling of belongingness. Good thing is there are numerous podcasts worldwide designed for expats, which can offer practical tips as well as emotional backup while helping them understand the culture better.

The 7 best podcasts

Here are seven of the best podcasts to accompany you on your expat journey:

Where to Go

Best for: When you cannot decide where to move.

Delving into the heart of various destinations, hosts James and Lucy provide invaluable insights into potential new homes in the best places. Whether you are torn between the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene countryside of Switzerland, this podcast offers expert advice to aid your decision-making process.


life abroad podcast

Mindful Expat

Best for: When you need some emotional support

Host Dana Nelson PhD offers a compassionate space for expats grappling with the emotional rollercoaster of relocation. From managing anxiety to fostering self-compassion, each episode equips listeners with mindfulness tools to navigate the challenges of expat life with resilience and grace.


expat podcast

Meet the Expats

Best for: When you want to hear from other expats

Expatriates looking to establish stable marriages abroad can find help through podcasts like ‘Meet the Expats,’ offering tips on securing legally recognized unions and understanding their rights under the host country’s law. Embark on a journey around the globe as expats share their personal stories, triumphs, and tribulations. Whether you are curious about expat life in bustling metropolises like Hong Kong or tranquil retreats in Costa Rica, this podcast offers a diverse array of perspectives to inspire and inform.


expatriation podcast

A Sideways Life

Best for: Advice on working abroad

Navigating expat life often involves ensuring your civil rights as a citizen while dealing with legally binding processes like application submissions for residency or work permits. Join hosts Al and Leanne as they dissect the intricacies of international careers, offering practical tips and candid discussions on navigating the professional landscape abroad. From job hunting to workplace culture shocks, this podcast empowers expats to thrive in their careers beyond borders.


Two Fat Expats

Best for: Anyone with unanswered questions

Got burning questions about expat life but don’t know where to turn? Kirsty and Nikki have you covered with their candid conversations and expert advice on everything from family dynamics to cultural adjustments. No topic is off-limits in this engaging and informative podcast, touching all kind of countries like Sweden, England, Spain, Mexico, America, Costa Rica and more.


living abroad podcasts


Best for: Hearing from Black people on their experiences

Amplifying the voices of Black expats, hosts Louisa and The Fantastic Fo delve into the intersection of race, identity, and expat life. Through personal stories and thought-provoking discussions, this podcast fosters a deeper understanding of the Black expat experience while celebrating resilience and cultural richness.


Expat Parenting Abroad

Best for: Anyone travelling with kids

For couples embarking on their journey, the ‘Expat Parenting Abroad’ podcast is a valuable service offering advice on balancing relationships with your spouse while raising children in a different state. Navigating parenthood in a foreign land presents unique challenges, but Emily’s insightful podcast offers a beacon of support for expat parents. From practical tips on childcare to nurturing mental well-being, this podcast equips families with the tools they need to thrive in their new environment.


expat parenting podcast

The Transformative Role of Podcasts in the Expat Experience

Moving and living abroad is one experience, which is marked with joy, expectancy, and many difficulties. To some people who live and work abroad, podcasts are more than just a form of entertainment; they are a lifeline, to pause the stress. At its heart, this experience is about adaptation, discovery and change. Podcasts act as catalysts by giving expatriates a platform to talk about their lives overseas in all their complexity. Expats share stories through audio narratives that allow others going through similar things to find comfort, strength or solace from hearing someone else’s voice talk them through it. They also gain power from hosts and guests who give valuable insights based on their own experiences told through stories told via audio format during such shows like podcasting for dummies. In terms of information or guidance offered – visas applications down to housing searches etc – these virtual mentors have got you covered so do not worry too much about what could go wrong while relocating abroad because if there’s anything we know for sure it would be the fact that there are no stupid questions when it comes down to living outside your home country.

This resourcefulness doesn’t stop at being informative though; beyond being just dispensers of facts they serve as someone who has been there before us telling us how they overcame obstacles faced along their path towards becoming successful immigrants themselves – therefore acting like guides while we’re still learning ropes as newbies ourselves… Podcasts don’t stop at being useful either; they’re entertaining Inspirational windows into other worlds where language barriers may seem insurmountable (especially if you moved to China, Hong Kong, Bangkok in Thailand) but laughter transcends cultural divide instead making friends out of strangers who never met before because in order understand joke one needs first learn conversation leading up punch line! In addition, they are short: the average length of them is 10 min. Wherever you go, Rome or maybe Spain, whatever do podcasts will always be there for us if you subscribe! When you want to stop listening them, you can always unsubscribe (most of the time these are monthly) your email or simply continue reading and listening. Pause the world and play the podcasts, looking also in the huge empire of links connected with them.


In conclusion, these podcasts serve as invaluable companions for expats or people moving abroad on their journey abroad, independently if it was long time ago or recently, in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland or all over the world. Whether you are seeking practical advice, emotional support, or a sense of community, these podcasts offer a wealth of resources to empower and uplift you every step of the way. Whether you’re a citizen managing an application for residency or securing rights for your spouse under local law, these podcasts provide practical help to navigate the civil and legally complex landscape of living in a new state.

So, plug in your earphones, hit play, and let these playlists podcasts guide you on your expat adventure.

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