The Friendliest Countries for Expats

The Friendliest Countries for Expats

14 February 2024 Expat life

Embarking on the journey to becoming an expatriate can be exciting, intimidating or even both. Deciding where to become an expatriate is usually determined by the ease of fitting in a new life rather than just another country with beautiful scenic views and better economic opportunities. This article takes you through the top five friendliest countries for expatriates offering hospitality, community sense and supportive systems that make it easy to settle into your new life.

Top 5 Expat-Friendly Countries: Global Living at Its Finest

In this era of globalization where the world is becoming smaller by the day, it’s important for expats to find places that are not only accepting but also offer them support beyond their borders. From Canada’s multi-cultured mosaic to Iceland’s calmness of nature, we have shown you how diverse each culture can be when celebrating differences and providing better structure for incoming immigrants. To manage the cost of relocation, expatriates often read extensively about their prospective new home, seeking information on affordable living options and budgeting for their move. Travel considerations play a crucial role in the decision-making process, with many opting for countries that offer easy access to explore the rest of Europe. This exploration enriches their expat experience, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable.


Canada is known as a multicultural land with very inclusive communities which makes it popular amongst many people who want new homes. Canada is famous throughout the world for its polite and friendly population; for this reason, immigrants easily adapt into their societies through policies that promote cultural diversity and integration. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal therefore remain some of its major towns attracting foreigners from across the globe with different nationalities. Besides these factors, it has excellent healthcare services and education facilities as well as jobs in industries like IT or natural resources. Canadian landscapes beckon outdoor enthusiasts with skiing in Rocky Mountains or surfing Tofino among other activities possible there. The country showcases its art fair during events such as Montreal’s Jazz Festival and Toronto’s International Film Festival which allows expatriates sample Canada’s arts diversity. The commitment to environmental sustainability and high quality life make Canada be favored by those looking forward to balanced expat life experiences.

expat canada


Dubai, The Pride of the Middle East, is a global city that combines rich cultural heritage with modern technology to make it highly appealing to foreigners. Besides being known for high living standards, towering buildings and vibrant nightlife, Dubai also boasts of safe streets, elaborate healthcare system and well-equipped schools. There are many employment opportunities in this city courtesy of its developing sectors such as tourism, banking and real estate among others. Expats living in Dubai get tax free incomes, which has contributed to its culinary diversity and abundant shopping outlets and recreational facilities. Even though it has an arid climate; this does not mean that people cannot live comfortably in Dubai since it has everything from beach life to desert escapades. Moreover, Dubai is situated strategically around one of the globe’s most interesting regions; allowing its inhabitants endless chances for exploring other parts of the world. In fact, the openness with which the emirate welcomes expatriates has become a symbol of UAE’s effort towards differences and creativity; creating a place where tradition mixes with futuristic outlooks within Middle East’s core.

expat dubai


Portugal’s warm climate, nice beaches and kind people make it the favourite country for any expat from anywhere in the world. Lisbon and Porto among other cities are very much livable as they are relatively cheap with a low cost of living. Expatriates often mention this friendliness amongst them as one of the reasons that led to their settling down in Portugal. Portugal is attracting expatriates because it does not only have a sunny disposition and welcoming communities but also has rich cultural tapestry with historical heritage that captivate most of them. A taste of Mediterranean cuisine blended with unique Portuguese flavors can be found through its vibrant culinary scene like wine cellars in Porto and seafood markets in Lisbon too. Moreover, Portuguese visa policies for expatriates and affordable healthcare system enhance its attractiveness thereby enabling smooth transition of moving abroad. Family, leisure and outdoor activities which emphasize on well-being and community interests align with lifestyle that promotes happiness fullness making Portugal best place to live for an ex-pat who wants a balanced life.

expat portugal


The heart of Asian Hospitality Taiwan is known for its great hospitality, safety standards &friendly nature thus considering migration choices the above mentioned are among some merits worth mentioning. It becomes perfect choice for those who want friendly places to stay when they visit Asian countries due to the great extent at which locals can go so as to help foreigners who visit them. The Taipei expat community is really helpful to new comers. Taiwan’s modern amenities coupled with mix of old traditions makes it attractive to expats living here while advanced infrastructure, vibrant cultural scene contextualized by traditional way of life have made it even more appealing. Therefore high quality of living standards experienced in urban area while rural part offers tranquil escape flooded by magnificent natural scenes. The island’s commitment to education, healthcare facilities further position Taiwan as a destination where families or professionals would like to go. Moreover there is plenty Taiwanese culture where expatriate may get involved themselves into such as lively night markets, rich culinary traditions and busy festivals that all create connections between local communities.

expat taiwan


The Cozy Nordic Gem It can be considered as very friendly for expatriates but Iceland is a small country. Its natural beauty and good living conditions are well known, while it is an intimate society of no discrimination against anyone on any grounds. This makes it the special place like no other because of peace among other things. Unlike others, by having a strong welfare system that is unmatched with regard to safety and environment preservation, the country becomes more enticing to expats. The breathtaking landscapes have made it possible for this country to align its work-life balance with the family time and outdoor activities they emphasize in their operations making life in here peaceful yet fulfilling. Just as many innovations constantly arise out of nowhere are encouraged in Icelandic culture through its strong arts scene vibrant social policies; so too Iceland is thus a perfect blend of natural beauty with societal well-being.

expat iceland

Making the right choice

This usually involves several considerations like cultural fit, language, cost of living, job opportunities and lifestyles when deciding on the most welcoming nation for your overseas assignment. Joining online expat forums and visiting the shortlisted countries will give you more insights about how life would really look like there. However, expatriation is more than moving away from one home to another; rather it is looking for a new home abroad where one feels at ease away from their original soil. The aforementioned countries have been known for their openness and how they make expats feel comfortable while offering quality experiences, thus making them ideal options if you wish to make a fresh start within a welcoming atmosphere. When making the right choice, considering the city’s health score can be crucial, as it reflects the overall well-being and medical services quality. Friends you make along the way can turn into an invaluable support network, enriching your expat experience significantly. Additionally, a city’s score in expat surveys often highlights aspects such as satisfaction with local healthcare, social life, and integration, guiding newcomers towards making an informed decision.

Final thoughts

Living abroad is a thrilling adventure that alters one’s life. This experience of yours relies heavily on how friendly your host country is shaping everything from your social life to your sense of belonging. Indeed, the countries we have visited today are reputed for their welcoming attitude and supportive surroundings as they provide an excellent starting point for anyone considering expat lives. Take note that the best expatriation tales are those where people embrace the local culture, interact with fellow citizens and open themselves to new experiences and friendships that will come. An open mind and heart as you embark on your journey abroad will definitely result in finding a second home in one of the world friendliest countries towards expatriates.

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