International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Dubai

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Dubai

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Ready to start a new life in Dubai? In the largest and most populous city in the UAE, around 90% of the population is made up of expatriates. People from around the world have flocked to the glittering metropolis looking for a life of luxury, pleasure, and exoticism. Much like in its sister city Abu Dhabi, extreme extravagance and glistening innovations intertwine with thousand-year-old Bedouin traditions.

The hyper-modern and multi-cultural identity of ‘the Manhattan of the Middle East’ echoes in the local healthcare system: the medical care facilities use cutting-edge technologies and the highly qualified medical staff come from over 80 different countries. In short: Dubai hosts a healthcare system of excellence, but one that comes at a price if you don’t have the right health insurance.

The excellence of Dubai’s health system comes at a price!

State-of-the-art medical equipment, international quality standards, highly qualified medical staff, top-notch healthcare services…In Dubai, clinics, public and private hospitals, as well as primary healthcare centres, offer some of the finest healthcare in the world. Dubai Healthcare City, the world’s largest free zone ecosystem dedicated to world-class healthcare and wellness since 2002, is the hallmark of healthcare excellence. It is home to over 150 clinics, medical and wellness centres, medical laboratories and more than 150 medical specialties. Some prestigious foreign health institutions have even set up branches there.

In both the public and private sectors in Dubai, excellent healthcare comes at a price. Generally, GPs’ fees range between €50 and €100, the cost of a consultation with a medical specialist can be close to €250, and hospital expenses can rapidly increase exponentially in the event of illness or accident.

Mandatory Minimum Health Coverage

Since 2014, health coverage is mandatory in Dubai. The Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare sets out several obligations for foreign nationals living and/or working in Dubai (expatriate employees, freelancers, students, etc.), including the obligation to take out minimum health insurance through the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). This health cover must include routine outpatient medical care, visits with a general practitioner and a medical specialist, hospital fees, medical emergencies, prescription drugs, maternity care and tests prescribed by a doctor.

According to local regulations, companies must provide minimum health coverage to their employees.

In order to obtain your residence visa to the UAE, you need to:

  • Subscribe to a minimum healthcare coverage plan validated by the UAE authorities
  • Test negative to HIV and hepatitis B
  • Meet the requirements related to the Covid pandemic which may change over time (check the latest information!)

In order to access the public health system, you will need to get a health card. Upon arrival in the country, you can apply with the DHA either online or at one of the government’s health centres. It costs around AED 320 for adult expatriates, and AED 120 for expatriates under 18.

However, there are limitations to this minimum health coverage:

  • Exclusively regional coverage
  • Limited coverage thresholds
  • Limited and imposed network of healthcare providers
  • Partial reimbursements/coverage
  • Limitations due to local cultural rules (e.g. no maternity coverage for unmarried couples)

Foyer Global Health: your health insurance in the UAE

Foyer Global Health is by your side in Dubai! We offer you individual tailor-made and flexible international health insurance to give you access to the finest health services and specialists in Dubai. The quality of Dubai’s costly healthcare services go hand in hand with the excellence of an international private healthcare insurance.

Why choose Foyer Global Health?

  • We are specialised in international health insurance solutions for expatriates
  • Having access to the best healthcare services and facilities in Dubai is your right!
  • To benefit from flexible health coverage that fits your needs, whether you’re an employee, a digital nomad, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur.
  • We offer flexible coverage periods. Whether you plan on staying in Dubai only for a few months or for several years, we adapt to your personal situation.
  • We provide you with comprehensive international health cover (from outpatient and inpatient treatment to repatriation plans). You are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We offer global coverage. You are covered in Dubai, your home country, and all over the world.
  • We offer top-notch medical assistance services to our community (Best Doctors, telemedicine, etc.)

Are you looking for the best  international health insurance plan for your stay in Dubai? Ask our experts for advice!