International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Cyprus

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Cyprus

Discover our health insurance policies specifically designed for expats in Cyprus

Foyer Global Health covers expats’ health in Cyprus who are seeking for a private health insurance solution tailored to their needs.

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In recent years, the observation is obvious: Cyprus is one of the preferred destinations of our expats abroad. Considered a safe country, with a low cost of living and a pleasant quality of life, Cyprus welcomes more and more expatriates who want to take advantage of the advantageous tax system while enjoying a quiet local atmosphere.

To move serenely to Cyprus, you will need to think about covering your health before you leave. The general health system is constantly improving, divided into public and private sectors. Many expatriates still choose a private international health insurance, in order to be reimbursed on all their medical expenses.

Expatriate health insurance for optimal coverage

With an expatriate health insurance (or international health insurance), you choose simplicity and flexibility. Health coverage will be complete (so no need for complementary health or mutual insurance), including outpatient and inpatient care, optics, dental, vaccination, health check-ups, maternity, etc.

It will be valid in Cyprus and all over the world, and easily adapts to your lifestyle and the needs of each person.

The cost of health insurance varies depending on several factors, such as destination, age, options, deductibles, and pre-existing medical conditions.

In general, expatriate health insurance is recommended for expatriates who wish to settle for several months or years in Cyprus, or for an indefinite period. It is also highly recommended for Europeans wishing to settle in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, because there the European Health Insurance Card is not accepted.

Foyer Global Health, your trusted partner in Cyprus

Our international health insurance offers different levels of coverage at competitive prices. It has been thought and designed for expatriates, digital nomads and globetrotters who attach particular importance to their health:

  • Compatible with all doctors, practitioners and hospitals in Cyprus, it reimburses your health expenses without advance fees.
  • We have chosen a fully digitized customer experience for simplified monitoring and procedures from abroad
  • We guarantee a refund period as soon as possible
  • It’s not capped annually, as we know healthcare spending can climb quickly and make up a significant portion of your budget.
  • We provide free access 24/7 to emergency medical assistance, teleconsultation and medical services for expatriates, in order to guarantee you a smooth expatriation.

You can take out our insurance before your departure or once you are there. Our experts will guide you in the best choice to make according to your situation.

Public health insurance in full development

A public health system open to all

The health system in Cyprus is generally satisfactory and efficient. The reforms that have taken place since June 2019 have taken a step towards universal health coverage. However, sustained efforts and increased public investment will be needed to improve access to care and reduce delays.

The new health system that has resulted from these reforms is called GHS  (General Healthcare System). It is intended to be universal, accessible to the entire population and provides access to general medical care services, specialized care and hospital treatment. To be eligible for the GHS, you must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Citizens of Cyprus
  • European nationals holding a residence permit
  • Non-EU residents receiving some form of income on Cypriot territory

Family members can also benefit from the same health plan.

How does the public health system work?

The health system is based on contributions (up to 2.65%of the gross salary for an employee). The beneficiary will have to choose a personal doctor who plays the role of attending physician. Registration with the health system is done with the latter or on the internet. Although the beneficiary has the free choice of his medical provider, the personal doctor must grant him first aid and guide him in the choice of a specialist doctor. The beneficiary can change personal doctor after 6 months of affiliation with the latter.

In the past, to gain access to public health insurance, Cypriot residents were awarded a health insurance card A or B according to the annual income of their households. This operation is no longer in force with the GHS, now you must fill out an application form for a health insurance card. This card gives access to reduced rates for certain public sector services. Please note that this medical card is only issued to European citizens residing in Cyprus. Non-EU citizens still benefit from the GHS but not from the reduced rates.

Care services supported by the GHS

With the GHS, beneficiaries have access to the following care:

  • Visits to the personal, general practitioner and specialist (flat-rate contribution of 3 € for a consultation with the general practitioner and 6 € with the specialist doctor, against 15 € and 30 € for people not benefiting from the GHS)
  • Treatments and hospital stays
  • Treatments in case of emergency (flat-rate contribution of 10€ for care in the emergency department)
  • Laboratory tests
  • Preventive medicine
  • Pharmaceutical products (flat-rate contribution of €0.50)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Midwives and nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Speech therapists

With the GHS the flat-rate contribution for a consultation with the general practitioner is 3 € and 6 € with the specialist doctor. It is respectively 15 € and 30 € for people who do not benefit from the GHS.

Care in private institutions is not reimbursed and will be at your expense.

If you are interested in Foyer Global Health international health insurance plans, do not hesitate to write to us or call us, we are available on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram!