International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Austria

International Health Insurance for Expatriates in Austria

Discover our health insurance policies specifically designed for expats in Austria

Foyer Global Health covers expats’ health in Austria who are seeking for a private health insurance solution tailored to their needs.

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Are you planning on starting a new life in Austria?

You’ve made the right choice! In recent years, Mozart’s homeland has become a growing hub for expatriates seeking a great working environment and high quality of life. Located in the heart of Europe, Austria is home to not only grandiose alpine summits and a buzzing urban lifestyle, but also unparalleled cultural heritage. And, when it comes to health and wellbeing — much to the envy of its Swiss and German neighbours —Austria’s public healthcare system is one of the best in Europe.

So, as a future employee, entrepreneur or serial globetrotter, you must be asking yourself: What type of health insurance do I need to live in Austria?

Here is our concise guide for expats looking for health insurance solutions in Austria!

Austria’s public healthcare system is compulsory, supportive, and efficient!

Austria has one of Europe’s top 10 healthcare systems. Its healthcare policy is based on the “principle of solidarity”: it provides equal access to high-quality healthcare regardless of gender, origin, age or income.

Public health insurance is compulsory for all Austrian residents, including expatriates regardless of their status. People working in Austria are covered by making contributions to the public health insurance system proportional to their income.

Eligibility: Who is covered by public health insurance?

  • If you are employee in an Austrian company, you are automatically covered. Your employer is responsible for registering you with the relevant health insurance fund. Your healthcare contributions are deducted directly from your monthly salary.
  • If you are self-employed or a freelance worker, you will have to register with the Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Selbständigen (SVS) and pay for your healthcare on a quarterly basis.
  • People receiving unemployment benefits in Austria
  • Austrian pensioners
  • Students from EU/EEA countries with an European Health Insurance Card are able to access the Austrian public healthcare system with no supplemental cost, but only for the duration of their stay.
  • Dependents (i.e. spouse and children) of the groups mentioned above


Public health insurance coverage

Here are some examples of medical care and treatments that are fully and/or partially covered by the Austrian public healthcare system:

  • Visits to General Practitioners and medical specialists
  • Preventive Care
  • Hospitals (emergency treatments and hospital visits)
  • Perscription medication
  • Maternity care
  • Dental and eye care

How does it work?

Since 2005, insured patients and their dependents have an electronic health card (e-Card) that gives them free access to public healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.). The card is automatically issued upon registration with the health insurance system. In order to be properly reimbursed, make sure that your doctor or medical institution is part of the public healthcare system. Look for the signs « Kassenarzt » or « alle Kassen »!

If you go to a private healthcare provider that does not belong to the public healthcare system, you will have to pay in advance. You may be reimbursed up to 80 % of the amount that would have been covered if the treatment had been provided by a public health system medical professional.

Private health insurance in Austria

Austrian residents may use private health insurance to get better coverage for healthcare services provided by either public or private healthcare institutions.

If Austria’s public healthcare system is so efficient, why would you get private health insurance?

  • You can freely choose a doctor or healthcare facility best suited to your needs — whether it is part of the public healthcare system or not (you get access to a wider network of health services and the best medical practitioners, or healthcare facilities)
  • Peace of mind during hospitalisation: your daily fees are covered, and you are given access to a private hospital room
  • Shorter waiting times, easier access to private, or public healthcare providers
  • Better coverage for eye or dental care

Foyer Global Health: healthcare solutions specifically designed for expats

You and your family deserve top quality international health insurance for your new life in Austria! Catering to expatriates’ healthcare needs is part of Foyer Global Health’s DNA. That’s why we offer premium health coverage specifically tailored to your lifestyle. Your insurance plan starts from the moment you make your first payment and provides coverage for a wide range of healthcare services, including emergency care.

So, whether you’re planning a short stay or a long-term move to Austria, our experts will help you find the best health insurance coverage to suit your needs.

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