Foyer Global Health allows you to talk to a doctor: any time, any place

Foyer Global Health allows you to talk to a doctor: any time, any place

27 October 2021 Health Insurance

Foyer Global Health has launched an exclusive and innovative online Health Portal for their customers. This new tool allows you to easily request various health-related services completely free of charge. To benefit from them you only have to access our new health portal (also available for smartphones and tablets).

The online portal gives you 7 days a week, tailored and on demand support via your smartphone, tablet or PC. The service allows you to manage general non-critical needs, and chronic complex care with one global provider.

Customers can request a call back from a doctor through the portal or book an appointment to speak to a doctor through video conference from anywhere in the world through the portal to get medical advice. Provided in partnership with virtual care provider Teladoc Health. The health portal is completely confidential and provides customers with peace of mind that their medical diagnosis and treatments plans are robust and appropriate.

Simple and very intuitive, the new portal gives you access to:

  • Telemedicine where you can solve all your doubts or concerns from simple to more complex questions such as:
    • Is your back pain not getting better?
    • Are you unsure about what vaccines to give your child?
  • Second Medical Opinion where an international specialist reviews your medical history, your medical records and (imaging) studies and will either recommend changes or confirm the initial diagnosis or treatment.

Additionally, you have the possibility of attaching documents (analyses, radiological tests, images…) for the specialist to evaluate the whole picture. All-in-one platform.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by Foyer Global Health today!

The best medical minds at your fingertips, now also online at

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