Agnes: her experience in a medical emergency

Agnes: her experience in a medical emergency

Medical Assistance

Five years ago, I decided to leave my home country to continue working for the same company that was opening a subsidiary in China.

Of course, my company took out health insurance for me through Foyer Global Health.

In March 2022, I was admitted to the emergency room with a suspected heart attack. Fortunately, it was a false alarm!

When I was discharged a few hours later, I paid the hospital bill in advance.

In total, the medical tests cost 15,000 RMB (about €2,000).

Later, I contacted the assistance platform to apply for a refund. Catherine answered all my questions and guided me through the process. It was quick and easy! The treatment was reimbursed at 100%, directly into my bank account. I would like to thank Catherine for her efficiency and responsiveness.

*Out of respect for the medical confidentiality of the protagonists, the first names have been changed.

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