Elena: her journey to maternity care in Australia

Elena: her journey to maternity care in Australia

Medical Assistance

My family and I arrived in Australia in 2016.

Before leaving, we took out health insurance with Foyer Global Health, which seemed obvious to us with a young child, especially given that we wanted to expand our family during the course of our expatriation.

Our little Marianna was born in June 2022.

I chose to give birth at Saint John of God Subiaco Hospital in Western Australia.

Medical care in Australia is of a very high standard but is quite expensive.

In total, between the maternity care and the anaesthetist’s fees, the bill came to $9250 AUD (about €6,000). Not to mention the AUD$6,000 (approx. €4,000) for my gynaecologist’s consultation that I had already paid for.

In May, I contacted the assistance platform, which took over contact with the hospital to organise the direct payment of my medical expenses. I didn’t have to pay anything!

They also explained to me how to get reimbursed for my follow-up consultations.

It’s really nice to have the proper support!

* Out of respect for the medical confidentiality of the protagonists, the first names have been changed.

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