Angela: Hospitalisation with guarantee of payment

Angela: Hospitalisation with guarantee of payment

Medical Assistance

Three years ago, with my husband and our two children, we arrived in China. Thanks to my job, we had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong and we jumped at the chance!

However, we are true globetrotters at heart! So, once or twice a year, we travel to another continent. In May 2022, we spent 2 weeks in Switzerland.

My daughter Claire broke her ankle and had to have surgery there. She was admitted for an overnight stay in the hospital in Zurich.

Fortunately, before we moved to Hong Kong, we had taken out health insurance with Foyer Global Health, which was adapted to our nomadic life.

I contacted the assistance platform to inform them of the situation. They sent the guarantee of payment to the hospital in 24 hours! I didn’t have to pay anything!

Congratulations to the whole team for their responsiveness! The unexpected is always a possibility, but you can still set off with peace of mind.”

* Out of respect for the medical confidentiality of the protagonists, the first names have been changed.

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