G.S.: why he chooses us for his health insurance

G.S.: why he chooses us for his health insurance


Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to answer to our questions and to share your experience with us. To begin with, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your projects?

I am a consultant, originally from the UK. I am planning to relocate to Malmö, Sweden and it is primarily motivated by taking my professional career to the next level. I have indeed a very interesting opportunity there.

Sweden is indeed a country that attracts a lot of expatriates. How did you realise that you needed an international health insurance?

When I arrived in Sweden, the first thing I had to do was to register myself at the local tax office (Skatteverket). To do this, I needed to take out a health insurance for a minimum period of one year. So I looked for a private insurance because I could not stay with the public insurance (NHS) in England.

As an expat, what criteria and needs do you identify as particularly essential in terms of health cover?

It was essential for me to have comprehensive cover that could insure me wherever I was and especially far away from my country. In case of an emergency, I needed an insurance company that would be prompt to react to any health issues I may be facing and provide me with best-in-class medical assistance; 24/7.

Where did you first hear about Foyer Global Health?

I visited a few websites about expatriation and relocation to prepare for my departure and I came across your internal health insurance covers and it was a match.

Did you find it easy to find us?

Yes, it was really easy indeed and, since I was searching for an insurance company from the 21st century, Foyer Global Health stood out of the crowd.

I guess you had compared several offers before making your final decision. What were your reasons for choosing us?

There were several reasons that motivated my decision. For example, I wanted to have seamless and direct contact with my insurer, so that I could get my questions answered quickly. Another key factor was to have the best possible value for money and there again Foyer Global Health perfectly matched my expectations.

What do you like best about our insurance plans?

Aside from the competitive pricing, I really enjoy the fact that my cover is pretty self-explanatory and that there is not “hidden” as I have experienced in the past with other insurer companies.

Once it was time to subscribe online, how did you find the process?

It was fully aligned with what I was expecting: a truly easy subscription process as everything was presented in clear steps. Having the ability to fully subscribe online, yet having the ability to pause the process at any time in order to ask a few questions, was exactly what I needed

What would you say to people looking for international health insurance?

I would advise them to find out about the health system of the country they are going to, to find the health insurance that would best suit their needs. There are a lot of insurance companies out there, but big names in insurance are not necessarily the ones that give the greatest satisfaction to their clients.

In terms of services that we provide to clients, which one did you like most?

I like very much that you have made WhatsApp communication (calls and messages) available to your clients. I find it very convenient as, since I now live abroad, I do not need to pay any extra fees to contact you (I still have my UK number). It also enabled me to interact quickly whenever I had a new question that needed a fast answer.

Do you have any ideas of services you would like to have in the future in addition to what we currently offer?

So far I am satisfied with the current services you provide so I do not have any specific requests.

Last but not least, would you recommend us to people you know?

Yes, I would definitively recommend Foyer Global Health to people in my network, and to friends.  Whenever I have a good experience with a company, I believe it is only positive for people around me to benefit from my feedback. So be prepared to get more incoming requests. 🙂

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