PCR tests for European Expatriates: November 2021 Update

PCR tests for European Expatriates: November 2021 Update

23 November 2021 COVID-19

One month has passed since the PCR tests became chargeable in France. If some countries in the European Union still offer free PCR tests, the vast majority charge for them. Quick review on the PCR tests’ costs in Europe.

European countries in which the PCR test is the cheapest

In many European countries, getting tested for Covid-19 does not represent an important investment.

As for Cyprus which is is ranked among the cheapest places to get tested in: around 25 euros for a PCR test and 7 euros for an antigenic test performed at one of the nipdlab laboratory centers.

With this exception, the cheapest PCR tests in Europe range from 40 to 65 euros per test.

In Austria, travellers at the Airport of Vienna can get tested at their arrival. A PCR test costs 69€ for adults and 49€ for children up to 18 years, while an antigenic test costs 25€ for adults and 15€ for children up to 18 years.

Same amount in the capital city of Bulgaria, at Sofia airport the PCR test issued by the Genicalab laboratory is 66€ and 38€ for an antigenic test.

In Hungary, the PCR test costs between 40 and 55.50 euros, which is the maximum price set by the authorities. In Budapest, Margitlab, which prides itself on being one of the cheapest laboratories on its website, offers the PCR test for 40 euros. The antigenic test is charged less than 20 euros.

In Croatia, the prices starts from 53€ and 113€ for a PCR test depending on the laboratories where it is made. For antigenic tests, prices are around 30 euros.

In Latvia, some laboratories offer the PCR test for less than 40 euros. This makes it one of the cheapest countries in Europe. For example, the E. Gulbja Laboratorija laboratories offer it for 37 euros. Antigenic tests are less expensive, from 15 euros to about 20 euros.

In Luxembourg, the price of the PCR test is the same everywhere: 59.95 euros. However, it can be found more expensive, up to 200 euros to speed up the results. The price of the antigenic test is set at 36 euros.

In Italy, the price of the PCR test varies from 50 to 100 euros while the antigenic test can be performed for about 20 euros.

In Romania, the cost depends from the laboratory you are tested in. The nasopharyngeal PCR test is charged from 40 to 50€ and 91€ for a PCR test with a saliva sample. The antigenic test is charged at 21 euros.

In Slovakia, PCR tests costs throughout the country for 35 to 60 euros. The antigen test is available for a few dozen euros.

To get tested starting from 65 euros

The PCR test’s cost can also be doubled depending on the laboratory in which it is performed.

In Ireland, the French embassy mentions prices, depending on the laboratory, of between 69 and 185 euros. In most cases, the antigenic test costs 45 euros.

In Lithuania, the PCR test can be found from 75 euros and up to 140 euros in some laboratories, under certain conditions. The price of the antigenic test varies from 25 euros to about 40 euros.

In Slovenia, a PCR test costs between 68 and 105 euros. For an antigenic test, the price varies between 20 and 25 euros.

In Poland, PCR tests are available from 70-75 euros and can go up to over 100 euros. Some laboratories charge higher prices depending on the language in which the results are given. The antigenic test costs about 20 euros.

In Portugal, the Red Cross, which has several testing centers in the country, offers a PCR test for 60 euros, while other laboratories offer up to 100 euros. The antigenic test, on the other hand, can be performed for less than 20 euros.

EU countries in wich the prices are regulated

To avoid price increases, some European countries have opted to regulate the price of PCRs tests.

Since July 1st, the price of a PCR test in a Belgian laboratory cannot exceed 55€  and 120€ for an antigenic test.

Greece has chosen to regulate the price of tests performed in private clinics and hospitals. The government has set the price at 60 euros for a PCR test and 20 euros for an antigenic test.

PCR tests are free for nationals but not for foreigners

In Denmark, PCR tests are free for nationals. For others, prices are in the high range but results are quick. At Copenhagen airport, for example, a PCR test at the private laboratory Falck will cost you 140 euros compared to 33 euros for an antigenic test.

In Estonia, the tests are also free of charge for citizens but not for foreigners. The price for a PCR test is between 58 and 75 euros and 49€ for an antigenic test.

In the Czech Republic, residents are entitled to two free Covid-19 tests per month, but not tourists! Prices vary according to the laboratory and location, from 32 euros at Aeskuslab – a company with laboratories all over the country, to almost 200 euros in other laboratories, promising a very fast result. The antigenic test, on the other hand, is charged at less than ten euros.

Germany, Finland… It is costly to get tested!

Concerning these last 6 countries, the PCR test’s cost exceeds 75 euros and goes up to 245 euros.

Germany ranks among the most expensive countries in Europe when it comes to testing upon arrival for travellers subject to such a requirement. A PCR test costs between 128€ and 150€.

Finland has the highest prices in Europe. For tourists the price of a PCR test can be as high as 249 euros! While the price of an antigenic test is around 165 euros.

In Spain, such as Germany, prices are among the highest. While a PCR test in a private laboratory without a prescription ranges from 75 to 150 euros, an antigenic test costs between 30 and 45 euros

In Sweden, prices for a PCR test range from 97 to 245 euros while the price ranges from 29 to 147 euros for antigenic tests.

In Malta, where PCR tests were offered to tourists until early June, it is now available for more than a hundred euros, up to 130 euros depending on the laboratory. The antigenic test is possible for less than 40 euros.

Finally, in the Netherlands, a PCR test can be done for 80 euros and up to 189 euros, for those who need a result very quickly. The antigen test is available for less than 50 euros.

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