The rise of influencers in Dubai

The rise of influencers in Dubai

26 April 2022 Expat life Lifestyle

Their names are Nabilla, Hugo Philip, Max Stanton or Pallavi Dean… They are based in Dubai, and they spend most of their time on social media sharpening their digital weapons to conquer the world. For a few years now, the glittering emirate has been attracting influencers from everywhere on the planet; this new crowd are eager to inspire and impress their followers with what looks like a piece of paradise. And since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of digital influencers based in Dubai has skyrocketed. So, who are these influencers? Why did they move to Dubai? Here’s what we need to know about this golden community who needs a solid private international health insurance in Dubai, in the UAE but also worldwide.

Influencer marketing

For the past five years, influencer marketing on social networks has been on the boom; brands are increasingly turning to web 2.0 stars to boost their online sales. For a (generous) fee, celebrities create branded content on Instagram, Youtube or Tiktok and use their media aura to influence consumer behaviour of millions of followers in their digital community. This new wave of online promoters work in various industries including beauty, fashion, travel, food and personal development, extolling the magic of a voluptuous life in Dubai.

Living the Dubai Dream

Dubai, the promised land of influencers

The city known as ‘the Manhattan of the Middle East’, with a population of nearly 90% expatriates, attracts the most influencers of any city in the world. In recent years, Dubai has truly become the world’s capital of influencers and entertainment: reality TV stars, instagram models and designers from the US, France, Lebanon, the UK, India and elsewhere seek to inspire their loyal followers from the heights of Burj Khalifa. Among the most famous digital stars are Huda Kattan, the famous American-Iraqi make-up artist and vlogger; Joëlle Mardinian, the Lebanese TV and beauty star; and French reality TV stars such as Jessica Thivenin.

The perfect setting

Dubai is hot and sunny, all year round! It’s ultra-photogenic, from every perspective. In short: it is the perfect fit for Instagram. On the beach, in the middle of the desert, on a ski slope, on a yacht or in a luxurious supermall… There are an endless number of beautiful locations at your fingertips! Just let Dubai do its magic while you sell your products, your services or dreamy life…

A tax haven?

The reason so many entrepreneurs and influencers choose to expatriate to Dubai to grow their business is because there is no income tax and no social security contributions. There are some indirect taxes and a 5% VAT, but most expatriates truly benefit from tax rates that are much more advantageous than in their home country. In addition, dozens of free zones allow companies to operate without having to pay corporate taxes.

Luxury and safety

Dubai is a city of luxury and prestige, where influencers, entrepreneurs and big companies relocate to enjoy a golden lifestyle, vibrant social life and high-end services all year round. Influencers particularly appreciate Dubai’s security and peaceful living conditions. And for good reason: the emirate regularly tops the list of the world’s safest cities. The crime rate is very low and public disorder is extremely rare. Finally, influencers are welcome in Dubai with open arms: many local agencies offer them customized services to help them settle in, and take care of all administrative formalities.

Excellent healthcare system

Dubai-based influencers have access to top-quality healthcare services that are supported by modern, top-notch health facilities and highly qualified medical staff. To be able to benefit fully and freely from Dubai’s excellent healthcare, they need international medical insurance solutions specifically designed for expatriates.

International health insurance: the perfect solution for influencers

  • Influencers may be based in Dubai, but they are still global citizens: they need international health insurance that fits their mobility plans, and covers their medical needs worldwide.
  • Influencers are demanding customers: they require tailor-made, premium, fast and efficient health insurance services.
  • Influencers cherish their freedom, even when it comes to health! Only international health insurance designed for expats can offer them the flexibility to choose the way they want to receive medical treatment.
  • The digital lifestyle is what influencers are all about: they need access to digital health insurance services 24/7


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