Experience feedback on teleconsultation

Experience feedback on teleconsultation

12 August 2020 Health


Our brand-new telemedicine service was launched in April 2020, in collaboration with our partner Teladoc health, the telehealth specialist. The service are available to all our clients 24/7 and at no cost.

We are very proud to offer this innovative approach of medical consultation to all our policy holders and their family members. Some of our customers hereby share their experience using telemedecine, which illustrates how this service can be used and why telehealth is a sustainable practice.


As presented in one of our previous article, one of the great advantages of teleconsultation is its flexibility and ease of use. For any symptom or concern, you can consult a doctor who provides a diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.

Emily*, who didn’t want to waste any time, explains her experience when using telehealth for the first time: “I called at 10am at one of the numbers listed. I was greeted by an operator who asked me couple of question and a quick description of the situation (skin problem). After taking note of my contact details, she informed me that I would be contacted by a doctor within the next 3 hours. I indeed received a call at 12:20 pm from Dr Floury”.

Another patient was particularly impressed by the system’s punctuality, as well as the rapidity of the whole process.

It’s easy and simple to use; just key in the call-in numbers on your phone, and let the operator organise the call back by a general practitioner. Here are some of the most frequent medical conditions treated by the service: dermatology, orthopedics, general medicine. As a reminder, teleconsultation is only relevant for non-urgent cases obviously, since virtual consultations do not allow palpation or manipulation.


For those of you who are considering to call in anytime soon, Marc* explains how a virtual consultation works: “Dr Andersen asked me to explain the symptoms, asked me several general questions such as my age, if I am on any medication, known allergies, etc. He analysed the picture he had just asked me to send to him by email, and called me back  less than 15 minutes later and provided me with a complete and reassuring diagnosis. He then suggested a  treatment. Minutes after the call, I received a prescription by email which was accepted by my pharmacist”.

As you can see from Marc and Emily’s testimonies, it’s very similar to a physical consultation: 20 minutes of discussion and delivery of a diagnosis and prescription. However, in this case, it’s upon necessity and from the comfort of your home; no appointments, waiting times or queues at the doctor or hospital.

Stefanie* appreciated her online appointment: “After sending the pictures by email, the doctor called me back with some additional questions. I greatly appreciated the efficiency of the consultation, it was very helpful. I could feel that she was involved and concerned about my condition.

Our clients greatly appreciated the professionalism of the specialists who provided straightforward treatment recommendations.

This service is available to everyone, regardless of age.

First trends on the usage statistics show that:

– Almost as many men (47%) as women (53%) have used our teleconsulting services.

– 85% of users are aged between 19 and 59.


All our policyholder’s dependants have unlimited access to teleconsultation. Whenever there is a doubt, wherever you are, a simple call allows you to receive a reliable diagnosis!

If you are a customer and would like to consult a general practitioner remotely, all you need to do is to login to your customer area and call the dedicated number.

If you are not yet a customer and would like more information about teleconsultation, you can find out more on the dedicated page of our blog, or send us your questions by email at onlinesales@foyerglobalhealth.com, or via WhatsApp at +352 621 393 180.

We welcome any feedback you may have on the service, please let us know what you liked and how we can improve the service even further.


*Names were changed for privacy reasons..


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