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International Health Insurance for Expats with COVID-19 Coverage

Foyer Global Health's expat insurance protects your health 24/7 wherever you are, around the world. Fully designed for expats and globally mobile people, you benefit from a best-in-class health coverage and top medical services.

Discover our health policies specifically designed for expats

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    Premium healthcare

    As a true specialist insurer, we give you access to the best medical services and facilities

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    24/7 multilingual support

    Benefit from the support of our experts and medical assistance available around the clock

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    International coverage for you and your family

    We offer a comprehensive and customized cover for all your family members


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Why Foyer Global Health?

With Foyer Global Health, you put your health in good hands. Based in Luxembourg, we part of Foyer Group, the leading insurance company since 1922. We are specialized for many years in international health insurance thanks to the high expertise of our staff. Today, we are the insurer of clients around the world, from a hundred different nationalities.

We make sure to offer the best medical services you deserve, whether you are an expat, digital nomad, self-employed, student etc. Access to telemedicine and medical opinion from the best specialists is completely free and available 24/7. Wherever you are in the world, you have access to the physicians and medical facilities of your choice. Moreover, all expenses related to Covid-19 are covered by your policy, so you can be in complete peace of mind during your stay.

In other words…living and working abroad has never been this easy with Foyer Global Health!


FAQs International Health Insurance for Expats

Why is it important for expats to have an International Health Insurance?

As an expat, you have specific health needs since you are going to live abroad for a long period of time. You will need to be covered for both emergency situations and daily care. An international medical insurance gives you the guarantee that you will get quality private health care regardless of which country you move to and whatever local healthcare system is in place. You will be covered in your home country as well as in your country of expatriation. Also do not forget that, in the current situation, an international health insurance with Covid-19 coverage is a must!

Why an International Health Insurance is not a Travel Insurance?

International Health insurance, also referred to as International Private Medical Insurance, or IPMI, is intended for people who are going to live abroad for several months or years. If you plan an expatriation for over 3 months, then a worldwide health insurance is a must. It is meant for expats, students, globetrotters, families going abroad on a sabbatical, etc. Literally, any planning to live abroad for a mid to long-term duration.

Travel insurance are designed for short stay only, usually less than three months, and primarily for people going for a holiday, for sightseeing or visiting family and friends abroad. It is not suited for individuals or families who are planning to reside abroad for many months as the cover is usually far more limited.

What is the cost and duration of a Foyer Global Health Insurance Plan?

You can choose at which frequency you want to pay the insurance premium (monthly, quarterly, annually) and the method of payment. This latter will vary depending on your age, destination, deductible and medical conditions assessment. Insurance plans with Foyer Global Health have a minimum duration of one year, they are then renewed every year at the anniversary date.

What are the benefits of an international health insurance?

The perks of an international health insurance are the flexibility and the convenience of having a comprehensive worldwide coverage. You can ask for a customized plan that will cover in many different countries, so you can travel out of your new residence country without limit. You are not only cover for emergency, evacuation and repatriation, but also for regular check-ups and day-to-day medical expenses. For all these reasons, expat health insurance is the best solution for an expat and his family.

With Foyer Global Health, you can choose between different levels of coverage at a competitive pricing, depending on your specific needs. And for all plans, the coverage is unlimited: there is no annual limit, so do not have to worry in case of serious illness or major issues.