International Health insurance for Expatriates in Azerbaijan

International Health insurance for Expatriates in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan, an antique and little known land with a mystical atmosphere, is showing its potential over the years! Among the strengths of the “Land of Fire”: its oil and hydrocarbon resources. The capital is considered one of the new expatriation destinations. Many expats come to settle in the city, attracted by the mix of tradition and modernity. Thanks to the investments and reforms carried out at the end of the 1990s, the Azerbaijani health system has evolved considerably to provide better access to health care for its population.

The health sector in Azerbaijan is undergoing a major transformation

Historically, the health system in Azerbaijan takes its roots from the Soviet Semashko model of state ownership and strong centralisation of resources. There was no private health sector at that time. Today, this system has changed but still retains a structure similar to the situation before independence. With the help of international organisations such as the World Bank, WHO and UNICEF, Azerbaijan is still facing the challenges of a more reliable and accessible health system, especially in rural areas.

The introduction of compulsory health insurance

The project of introducing compulsory health insurance in Azerbaijan was discussed more than 5 years ago. Testing and awareness-raising work were carried out in 2016 in various regions such as Yevlakh and Mingachevir, gathering very positive opinions from the population and accelerating the intention to extend this mandatory health system to the whole country.

The State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance was then created. Since 2020, more than 20 regions in Azerbaijan have been covered by this compulsory health insurance. Funded by the state and contributions, it is available to permanent residents, who can choose a doctor registered with the state. Outpatient and inpatient care is free for Azerbaijani residents.

Receiving healthcare in Azerbaijan

  • The quality of health care and services in Azerbaijan is improving with the financial support of organisations, but some rural areas are still poorly equipped.
  • Public hospitals and specialist services are mainly located in Baku, as are private clinics. The capital city has the best infrastructure and facilities. Many hospitals in Baku, such as Bona Dea International Hospital, welcome international patients as equally as Azerbaijani citizens, providing state-of-the-art medical services by qualified doctors.
  • If the health condition gets worse, repatriation may be considered. This is why it is important as an expatriate to take out health insurance covering repatriation. Some patients prefer to travel to Turkey for treatment.
  • In case of emergency, the medical assistance number in Azerbaijan is 103.
  • Prices and quality of services in the private sector vary. In foreign medical centres, prices can rise very quickly for a simple consultation (up to 220 euros).
  • Prescription drugs are reimbursed by the health insurance system, and it is possible to obtain non-prescription drugs at low prices. However, we recommend that you be careful, as counterfeit drugs are often sold in pharmacies. Always consult a doctor before taking any medication.

The benefits of an expatriate health insurance in Azerbaijan

By choosing an expatriate health insurance, you are sure to have a comprehensive health cover, no matter what situations you may encounter during your stay. As an expatriate in Azerbaijan, medical expenses can be very expensive. Expatriate health insurance allows you to be (sometimes fully) reimbursed for these expenses.

Foyer Global Health supports you in your new life in Azerbaijan by offering you a health cover designed for you: valid worldwide, it reimburses health expenses in Azerbaijan and in your country of origin from the 1st euro (no need for a mutual insurance or complementary health insurance). It gives you the best guarantees of an expatriate insurance:

  • Medical repatriation, transport and evacuation included
  • Covid-19 coverage: reimbursement of tests, treatments and other health expenses
  • 24/7 multilingual medical assistance
  • Free unlimited teleconsultation service for all your family members
  • Free choice of medical provider in Azerbaijan and worldwide

If you are planning to move to Azerbaijan, please contact us before your departure and talk to our experts to find out more about our offers!

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