Quick and efficient assistance and evacuation in case of emergency

Quick and efficient assistance and evacuation in case of emergency

With our long-term partner and worldwide pioneer in assistance services Europ Assistance we offer excellent medical help and medical evacuation of expats in case of emergency. We advise to our clients at all times and wherever you need it!

A close-knit network of medical providers and over 41 assistance centres guarantee quick and high-quality assistance all over the world.

Our partner has more than 50 years of experience in international medical assistance and looks after 300 mio. clients in 208 countries with his more than 8000 employees worldwide.

medical assistance

Medical assistance

In case of emergency, or for information concerning the local medical infrastructure you can call our medical assistance.

+352 437 43 42 42

Ease of mind

  • 24 hour telephone and e-mail service with experienced consultants, doctors and specialists
  • Medical support and advice before the start of the trip (vaccinations, putting together a first aid kit)
  • Assistance in the selection of prescribed medicines, comparable products and their side effects

Emergency support

  • Medical evacuation or return transportation
  • Certification of insurance coverage, in particular prior to a stay in hospital
  • Advance payments
  • Organisation of travel for close relatives to be at patient’s bedside
  • Organisation of return transportation or care for children
  • Support in organising a “doctor to doctor” call
  • Procurement and shipping of essential medicines
  • Support in case of postponement of return journey