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We have created a global platform where, together with our clients, we help our community of globally mobile people to find the health care they need. A community enabling people to share their good experiences and facilitate access to high quality care.

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We want to improve transparency, accessibility and ultimately guidance to high quality care all over the world. To this end we offer our clients access to contact data of more than 4 million health care providers comprising of more than 70,000 hospitals and over 1000 other entities such as dentists, physical therapists, opticians and many more.

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All Foyer Global Health customers have access to the Medihoo global healthcare community. They can use our tools to help each other finding a good hospital, doctor, or any other kind of healthcare provider, wherever they may be.

As engineer I travel around the world a lot and have had the pleasure of visiting some interesting and beautiful locations such as Rio, Beijing or Cape Town. Once, after having spent two days in Tel Aviv, I had an extreme stomach ache and wanted to get checked immediately at the hospital. Of course, I do not speak Hebrew nor Arabic. I was very relieved to find an appropriate hospital with all the necessary contact data in my FGH’s provider search tool. Being confronted with many different cultures and languages and knowing the difficulty of finding your way around, I truly appreciated having a global provider search tool always in my pocket just in case I get stuck.”

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How do you find a medical provider?

With more than 4 million listed healthcare professionals, this is the biggest global health care database of its kind. A powerful search tool enables you to search for a given specialty in a specific location. The results are structured in a modern easy-to-read way and show addresses, map locations, pictures, specialties, and much more. Accessible to our clients in the Foyer Global Health Portal.

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You can have the health provider search app from our partner Medihoo for Iphone & Android always in your pocket for a small fee.
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