The certificate of insurance, a useful document during COVID-19 times

The certificate of insurance, a useful document during COVID-19 times

4 December 2020 COVID-19 Insurance

The certificate of insurance is the official proof of your contract with an insurer. It contains key information about the insured, such as their names, policy number, dates of contract, etc. This certificate can only be issued through the insurance company, agent or broker.


The Covid-19 certificate, a much requested and sometimes necessary document

The emergence of COVID-19 has brought the insurance certificate to the forefront of expatriates’ concerns. For most of them, this document was only required when applying for a visa. A growing number of countries are now restricting entry into their territory and imposing new conditions. Therefore, it is now required, in addition to travel or health insurance, that all health expenses related to COVID-19 (testing, treatment, placement in intensive care, etc.), as well as repatriation, are fully covered.  This regulation has been the source of many questions from expatriates and we have had many exchanges on this subject. The recurring question was the possibility of providing them with an insurance certificate proving that a minimum amount of health coverage is covered by the insurer. This required minimum amount of coverage was generally around $100,000, which is much lower than the coverage we offer to all our policyholders, as there are no general limits at Foyer Global Health.


A significant number of insurance certificates, issued at the time of contracting, do not specify that the insurer covers health costs related to the coronavirus. This can be explained by the fact that even today not all insurers cover this pandemic. It is therefore imperative to ask the question before contracting an insurance plan because more and more countries impose a COVID-19 cover. Without this coverage, it will be impossible for you to go there. It is also useful to remember that, in the context of an expatriation, international health insurance or expatriate health insurance is a necessity, the reason being that most travel insurances as well as the insurances included with the credit card do not provide a certificate on the coverage of COVID-19.


Foyer Global Health delivers your Covid-19 certificate

Foyer Global Health covers hospitalization and treatment costs related to COVID-19 and we invite you to read about the management of this infection in the article dedicated to it. All our patients can easily obtain an insurance certificate with an additional mention on the coverage of medical expenses related to the coronavirus. All you need to do is to request it by email or via the customer portal. This “COVID coverage” certificate can be produced at any time during your expatriation and is available in the desired language (French, English, German).


In case you are not yet a client, and would like more information on this document, we will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you in your search for international health insurance.

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