The best artificial intelligence tools for expats

The best artificial intelligence tools for expats

3 July 2023 Expat life

Artificial Intelligence (and especially generative AI) has been in the spotlight since the end of 2021 and the arrival of Chat GPT, which we no longer need to introduce to you! And yet, we were all using it before its exponential development. Perhaps you were already using Deepl to translate your texts? Let’s take a look at the best AI tools for expats.

But first, a quick reminder: AI encompasses a machine’s ability to reproduce human-like behaviors, such as reasoning, planning and creativity, enabling them to perform tasks previously reserved exclusively for human beings.


Chat GPT, a multifunctional tool for expats

Let’s start with the inevitable ChatGPT! This everyday robotic companion can be your best expat AI tool for learning a language. Interactive, the little learning robot lets users ask questions, engage in conversations in multiple languages and practice dialogues.

Based on an adapted prompt, an expat wishing to learn Spanish can use ChatGPT to obtain translations, grammatical explanations, pronunciation tips, and even to simulate conversations. Expat friends! This AI tool can even recommend additional resources such as apps or books to make learning easier.

What’s more, it’s a valuable resource for expats wishing to learn more about a country. For example, if you’re thinking of moving to Singapore, ChatGPT can provide you with precise details on the culture, social practices, local festivals and places to visit. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the country before you arrive, facilitating your adaptation and integration process.

Prepare for your interview with Yoodli

Have you familiarized yourself with the culture and language of your next host country? Now it’s time to apply for a job or a school! This expat coaching tool will help you prepare perfectly for your first interview. It will guide you through the rhythm and tone to adopt, the words to choose and much more, thanks to real-time transcription and analysis!

Are you an expat looking for tools and applications that will change your everyday life? Here are the 10 applications every expat must have!

Jasper, the writing tool for expats

You’re ready for the spoken language, but writing is a talent not given to everyone. As an expat, needless to say, you’re going to have to scratch the itch: for paperwork, cover letters, e-mail exchanges and more. To help you in your quest, a ghostwriter: Jasper (not Casper!). This expatriation AI software could save you a lot of time! Thanks to this multilingual AI solution, you’ll be able to easily organize and create various types of content, enabling you to carry out your administrative tasks just as well as a local resident. The linguistic support provided by this tool will help you overcome language barriers and produce high-quality, professional documents.

It could even become your best ally if you’re a Digital Nomad! On Foyer Global Health you’ll find the best countries to become a Digital Nomad

Fireflies, for increased productivity in meetings

Fireflies is a versatile AI voice assistant designed to improve productivity during meetings.

Compatible with major videoconferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, it offers transcription, note-taking and task execution functionalities.

As an expat, this AI tool is for you! No more worrying about taking notes during your meeting with THE super-important client. Fireflies can provide you with automatic transcription in real time, which is particularly valuable if you’re not yet completely at ease with the local language. This makes it easy to follow discussions, reference key points and take precise notes…

Want to know more about instant translation tools? We’ve got you covered.

MikeAI, the fitness tool for expats!

Has your expatriation taken a lot out of you, and perhaps you’ve caught up on the food? MikeAI offers you a complete fitness assessment, as well as a meal plan and recipes tailored to your needs. What’s more, this tool also offers a personalized training plan and an AI fitness coach to accompany you on your fitness journey. Your virtual sports coach isn’t free, however. There are two packages available at $4.99 and $29.99.

Deepl Write, the writing tool for expats!

We mentioned it in the introduction, but have you heard of DeepL Write? Since the beginning of 2023, it has gone from being a simple translator to a real tool that enhances your vocabulary, powered by AI.

At school, we learn generic turns of phrase and simple sentences, but practicing language is a little more complex than that. And that’s what Deepl Write is all about.

The tool offers suggestions for words and phrases, corrects grammatical and spelling errors and improves text style. It’s a handy tool for improving the quality and efficiency of your writing, so you can shine in your work.

Krisp: No more disturbing noises during business meetings

Working from home or in a noisy space? This AI application for expats eliminates background noise, background conversations and reduces echo during video calls. Leveraging a state-of-the-art algorithm, Krisp accurately identifies the voices of each participant and generates real-time information on the distribution of individual speaking time. Taking part in your meeting by the sea? You’re in luck! It’s now possible, and you won’t have to worry about the noise emanating from your surroundings.

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