Expatriation to Singapore and Visa, what’s new in 2023

Expatriation to Singapore and Visa, what’s new in 2023

13 February 2023 Expat life

Singapore is a city-state located in the extreme south of Malaysia, with a 14 hour flight from Paris. Also known as the “garden city” thanks to its many green spaces, the Republic of Singapore attracts many expats every year. Expatriation to Singapore is motivated by the country’s dynamic culture. Cosmopolitan, the city-state has a population of 5.4 million. But this is not the only criterion that’s attractive; the country has a growing economy that attracts entrepreneurs to move to Singapore to enjoy the unique lifestyle of the city-state.

Two new visas to work in Singapore in 2023?

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, many expats have left the country. The reason: restrictions related to the health crisis. To make up for the loss, Singapore has introduced two new visas to bring back expats.

The visa: The Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass

The main targets of this new visa are people who have strong skills and expertise that can contribute to the development of the country. This title is valid for 5 years and gives the possibility for expat spouses to work in Singapore. To obtain this expat visa in Singapore, you will need to earn a minimum of 21,300 euros per month. However, there is a small exception to this rule for people who have a good track record in sports, science, art and culture, technology as well as research and academia where no minimum salary is required.

Work visa in Singapore for expats in the tech industry

If tech experts want to continue their expatriation in Singapore, it is now possible with this new visa. Since 2023, the government has been offering tech professionals earning a minimum of 7,470 euros per month an authorization to stay in the country for an additional 5 years. The employment pass only allows two years of expatriation.

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Which visa to work in Singapore?

As a future expat in Singapore, you should know that there is a multitude of visas. The work visa is one of the most searched terms on Google to prepare your expatriation. We decided to take a look at two of them.

Employment Pass

This visa allows all foreign managers, executives and professionals to work in Singapore. There is a subtlety in this passport: people wishing to apply for it have to earn less than $5,000 per month and gradually with age this amount can increase to $10,500.

Regarding the eligibility period for Employment Pass :

  • 2 years for new applications.
  • 3 years for expats who wish to renew their title.

If you want to live and work in Singapore, don’t forget to apply for a renewal as early as 6 months before your work permit expires.

In addition, if you wish to expatriate as a family to Singapore you will need to meet several criteria. You must earn at least $6,000 per month and hold an Employment Pass. It is also important to know that the family member will have to hold a specific Employment Pass: either a Dependent Employment Pass or a Long Term Visiting Employment Pass.

It is the employer or a placement agent who must make the request and apply on behalf of the candidate for this title.

Finally, when applying for a pass, documents such as the personal details page of the applicant’s passport and the company’s latest business profile or AIDA registration information must be provided.

Living in Singapore with the EntrePass visa

This pass is intended for expat entrepreneurs who wish to set up a venture capital company in Singapore or who own innovative technologies. To expatriate and live in Singapore, the candidate can apply for this pass by himself. There is no minimum salary to obtain it and its duration varies:

  • 1 year for new expats and first renewals;
  • 2 years for all subsequent renewals.

Would you like to live in Singapore with your family? It is possible with the EntrePass! However, you must meet certain criteria regarding your total annual business expenses and local employment.

However, you must meet certain criteria regarding minimum business expenditure and local job creation requirements.

The Personalised Employment Pass

It is intended for highly skilled people who want to work in the city-state and, needless to say, are not tied to an employer. With the Personalised Employment Pass, you have the right to change jobs without having to apply for a new visa as long as your period of unemployment does not exceed 6 months. In order to be granted this title, you must meet one of these two criteria:

  • Have a pass where you earn a minimum salary of $12,000 per month and at least $144,000 in fixed annual salary the previous year
  • Be a foreign professional and your last salary is a minimum of $18,000 per month.

If your relatives are on the trip, they must hold the same visas as for a classic Employment Pass.

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