10 Mobile Applications that every Expatriate must have

10 Mobile Applications that every Expatriate must have

3 June 2020 Expat life


With expatriation, one is quickly confronted with many difficulties related to distance, the unknown and simply the new environment in which one now lives. Thanks to digital technology, it is now possible to overcome these difficulties by using mobile applications, designed for each of your needs. We have listed 10 indispensable applications for expatriates and those who regularly travel abroad. These applications can be used anywhere in the world, but once you arrive at your host location, it may be useful to download local applications as well.


1. Whatsapp

It needn’t to be introduced anymore, as Whatsapp has become a must-have application wherever you are in the world. It has been widely used in recent weeks in confinement to fight coronavirus. Free of charge, it is one of the most useful applications to call relatives, or to get news from friends. Since its recent update, it is now possible to make a video call with a maximum of 8 participants. At Foyer Global Health, we use Whatsapp to communicate with our customers and answer their questions. So, wherever you are, you can call us toll-free and be in direct contact with one of our customer advisor.

2. MeetUp

MeetUp makes it easy to meet people who share the same interests as you. It is possible to exchange with locals and expatriates, and to join already formed communities and groups. You will have the opportunity to find upcoming events taking place near you. As you can see, this application can be a real godsend for expats looking to create a network of contacts.

3. Memrise

Meeting locals is certainly an experience expatriates are looking forward to, but it is still necessary to be able to communicate with them! The Memrise application provides you with simple exercises to learn the language you want. Natives teach you basic expressions for everyday life. This will facilitate your integration and, in certain countries and cultures, will greatly promote exchanges.

4. TheFork

If you’re an expatriate living in Europe, have already made some great contacts and are wondering where to meet your new friends, then TheFork is the application you need. In just a few clicks, you will be able to book a table in one of the restaurants listed in Europe. A point system allows you to receive promotions for your next reservation. There are many local applications that provide the same service outside of Europe.

5. XE Currency

This application gives live exchange rates of more than 170 countries and can be  used even without an Internet connection. The converter will be particularly interesting if your work or activities involving frequent travel, or if you are not yet familiar with the currency of your new country of residence. You will also be able to transfer money easily.

6. Moodfit

To overcome anxiety or stress that expatriation can generate, many applications offer meditation or well-being exercises to help you feel better. Moodfit has been voted the best 2020 applications for mental health. It follows you daily, just like a coach would, acting directly on your good mood! It is an excellent tool for any expatriate suffering, for example, from chronic anxiety.

7. Medisafe

If you are subject to chronic diseases requiring regular medication, Medisafe sends you alerts so that you do not forget any of them. The application also sends alerts of contraindications (if one drug is not compatible with another) and the expiry date of your prescription. You will be able to register all the members of your family in the application to have a complete schedule.

8. Lose it!

It is relatively common to gain a few pounds when you move abroad. Keeping a healthy diet is not always easy when there are so many delicious dishes to discover. Lose it! gives you better control on what you eat, and allows you to set realistic goals for weight loss. It automatically calculates the number of calories you eat and gives you menu recommendations for each daily meals. A personalised programme to follow to the letter – or not 😉

9. Wifi Finder

In our highly connected times, it goes without saying that it has become unthinkable not to have a good Internet connection, wherever you are. Wifi Finder will help you easily identify wifi spots near you. An application with a very simple principle, which quickly becomes indispensable.

10. Skyscanner

This application will be useful if you feel the need to change your life and break the routine of your daily expatriate life. You will find flights at the best prices, but also good deals for car rental or hotel reservations. The flight comparator is very intuitive and allows access at a glance to all available options for your holidays.

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