International health insurance and provider network

International health insurance and provider network

21 June 2021 Insurance


If you are new to the world of health insurance, you will have heard of the term ‘care network‘ or ‘provider network’. This has been popularised by complementary health insurance but has also been developed for many international health insurance for expatriates. You are probably wondering how things work for Foyer Global Health’s clients. Let us explain it to you!


What is a healthcare network?


A healthcare network is based on agreements between health insurance companies and healthcare professionals. The aim of these agreements is to guarantee policyholders a minimum quality of service at negotiated rates.

However, access to a care network also means being limited to a network of medical providers previously chosen by an insurer. If you go to a practitioner outside the network, you will receive little or no reimbursement. Some insurance companies even require that you visit a facility that is part of their network of partners. In this case, the insured has no choice but to comply with this obligation.


Foyer Global Health gives you freedom of choice without constraints, anywhere in the World


We have chosen to allow our clients to freely choose their practitioner (hospital, clinic, doctor, etc.) without tying them to a healthcare network. We are convinced that our customers are in the best position to decide where and how to be treated.


  • Access to care should remain a personal choice and free choice. Any medical intervention deserves a specific follow-up and a relationship of trust between the two parties. Therefore, an insurer should not impose or try to influence its clients in their health-related choices.


We have therefore designed our insurance to respect these beliefs. You decide which hospital, doctor or specialist you visit, and we accept reimbursement of your health costs at the facility of your choice. The reputation of the establishment, the language, the reception, the quality of the care or the location are all important criteria that you can take into account by being insured with Foyer Global Health.


And since good things never come alone, we will accompany you and recommend the best health specialists. The future creation of an exchange platform between expatriates will allow you to find the right practitioner for your situation, thanks to the advice of the community.

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