From the waiting room to your sofa: how healthcare enters your home thanks to telehealth

From the waiting room to your sofa: how healthcare enters your home thanks to telehealth

4 September 2020 Health


We all remember sitting endlessly in the waiting room of your doctor just to hear it is nothing to worry about. Our lives have digitalized so much that healthcare cannot stay behind. Nowadays we all want easy access not only to our bank account or our insurance company, but also to talk to a doctor at a time and place that suits us.

Many of us nowadays are tracking our heart rate or blood pressure on our smartwatches or mobile phones. If you’re chronically ill you can track your weight or blood glucose and you and/or your doctor will be notified when your numbers are out of range. These kind of gadgets really can help to support you and your doctors in managing you chronic disease and stay healthier or make steps before you get ill and have to go to the hospital.


Innovative swatches allow you to track your health and alert you if you have any health issue. Credits: @Sitthiphong, Getty images/iStockphoto


Looking into the digital revolution of the hospitals there are even hospitals that work with robots on for example the Intensive Care Unit, Neonatology or the Emergency Room to support the treating team with a digital doctor. In these situations, the doctor might not be available in the hospital, but is digitally present and with high quality cameras and zoom can see the smallest details. He can connect to the monitors and instruments and can be equipped with even an infrared camera to see the temperature of the patient specific body parts. The doctor stays in constant contact with the nursing team via the robot.

The digitalization of basic health care and staying healthy almost seems to have no boundaries, following digital programmes online, sharing your data and focusing on staying fit and healthy.

Although there is one thing that is still essential: having a doctor at hand to support you with everyday issues or direct you to the right specialist. In many situations it is sufficient to speak to a doctor through video or phone just to explain all the details of your situation, to make sure you receive a personalized opinion taking into account all your history and how you are feeling at this moment. In a smaller number of situations you may need a physical examination to receive good advice or a diagnosis.


This is why Foyer Global Health offers access to doctors through teleconsultation powered by Teladoc Health. You can request a call back and speak with a doctor at a convenient time and place for you. If you want to know more about this service, please log in to your client portal and find out how you can use this service. You can also contact us by email ( or telephone/WhatsApp (+352 621 393 180) and we will be happy to answer your questions.




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